Josh stands

Bengaluru, 7th March 2024: Josh, India’s fastest-growing short-video app, has launched the #TogetherForEquality campaign to commemorate International Women’s Day, 2024. The campaign aims to promote the socio-economic, political, and financial inclusion of women in various environments, spanning from homes and workplaces to educational and political institutions.

The #TogetherForEquality campaign features a Filter Challenge – #NoFilter on Josh, offering users an opportunity to actively participate and shed light on instances of exclusion and inspire positive change. #NoFilter invites women to freely express themselves without worrying about being judged as a consequence of regressive social norms. These include not being able to pursue the careers they want due to pressure of early marriage, facing strict curfews and being morally policed on their choice of clothing. The Challenge provides users with a platform to share their authentic life experiences. By engaging in this challenge, users can contribute to sparking meaningful dialogues and also utilise the filter as a medium to amplify their voices on important issues surrounding rights of women and girls. Josh will also feature a short video series in collaboration with Milaan Foundation, and MASH Project Foundation, emphasising actions that one can take within families, educational institutions, workplaces, and public spaces to foster inclusion.

Further to the government’s efforts toward women-centric and women-led development, the campaign offers an opportunity for young individuals to initiate conversations and play a crucial role as advocates for social change. This all-encompassing campaign is crafted to inspire ongoing actions, contributing towards a future with increased inclusivity and equity.

Sunder Venketraman, Head of Content and Creator Ecosystem at Josh said “The #TogetherForEquality campaign represents our concerted effort to address gender disparities and drive meaningful change. As we approach International Women’s Day, we are committed to sharing inspiring stories that challenge societal norms and biases and advocate for positive change. By harnessing the extensive reach of Josh, we aim to amplify voices and foster a collective movement toward true gender equality.”


Rati Misra, Executive Director, Milaan Foundation, said “As we unite to commemorate International Women’s Day, Milaan Foundation proudly champions the cause of adolescent girls, rallying support for inclusion, equity, and justice under the #TogetherForEquality campaign. Together, we highlight the diverse accomplishments of adolescent girls, representing their unique backgrounds and experiences. This campaign holds profound significance as it underscores Milaan’s resolute commitment to breaking down barriers, dispelling stereotypes, and creating a world where every girl and every woman is valued, heard, and empowered, every single day.”


Aashish Beergi, Founder and CEO, MASH Project Foundation and MASH IMPACT, said “This International Women’s Day marks not just a moment of celebration, but a rallying call for unity and action under the campaign #TogetherForEquality. By spotlighting stories of resilience, empowerment, and diversity, we aim to illuminate the path for women everywhere, showcasing the strength and determination that lie within the heart of every struggle and triumph. #TogetherForEquality is not just a campaign; it’s a movement towards creating a society that celebrates diversity, champions women’s rights, and works tirelessly to build an inclusive world for all. Join us in this mission, and together, we can make a difference.”

This International Women’s Day, join the #TogetherForEquality campaign and the #NoFilter Challenge and be a part of the conversation that sparks positive change. The campaign will be live till 9th of March.