Mumbai, 12th October 2023: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently premiered its latest medical drama series, Who’s Your Gynac? starring Saba Azad. Talking about women’s health and their emotional well-being, the series is a delightful blend of emotions, love, drama, and heartwarming moments. Currently available for free on Amazon miniTV, the story follows the journey of Dr. Vidushi, a fresher Obstetrics, and gynecologist juggling between her professional and personal life. This captivating drama stars Karishma Singh, who truly excels in her portrayal of Swara Iyer, and she candidly spoke about her role in the series.


Talking about her character, Karishma shares, “I portray Swara Iyer, who hails from Chennai and has been raised by her grandparents since she was seven. She is a career-driven woman who balances her life and work well and is always there for her family,” she shared.

When asked about her co-actors, she expressed her gratitude and said, “It has been a wonderful journey, all of them are so talented and amazing to work with. Saba is an exceptional performer, and I learned a lot of things from her, she kept motivating me to perform better. With Aaron, he always kept the environment of the set bright with so much positivity and fun. Coming to Vibha Ma’am, her experience in the industry speaks for itself, she is the best at what she does. Kunal is yet another gem to work with. Working with each one of them was truly enjoyable and I hope the audience likes the show.

Unfold the journey of a Gynac filled with drama, emotions, love, and quirky-confused patients with ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ streaming live on Amazon miniTV, for free within the Amazon shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Playstore.