Bangalore, 22nd February 2024 IONAGE, a prominent eMobility service provider based in Bangalore, is excited to announce a pathbreaking collaboration with SundayGrids, unveiling India’s inaugural Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform. This platform represents a significant stride in India’s pursuit of sustainable mobility, providing EV owners the unparalleled convenience of charging their vehicles using solar power anywhere, anytime, fostering a truly 100% sustainable approach.

Established in 2021, IONAGE has quickly emerged as a dynamic force, empowering CPOs, businesses, and EV owners in its journey towards sustainable mobility. Currently, IONAGE has onboarded an impressive 3000 charge points across the country and aims to add another 3000 charge points in the next two quarters and over 100,000 charge points by 2028.

Vimal Kumar,

The introduction of the Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform by IONAGE and SundayGrids comes at a crucial juncture in India’s transition towards electric mobility. Electric vehicles (EVs) pose environmental concerns, especially in fossil fuel-dependent nations like India, where each unit of electricity generates 820 grams of CO2, resulting in about 136 grams emitted per kilometre driven. IONAGE tackles this by utilizing solar energy for charging, advocating for cleaner transportation, and lowering EVs’ carbon footprint. It also caters to eco-conscious users with space constraints for rooftop solar panels, broadening access to sustainable solutions. Speaking on the innovation, Vimal Kumar, co-founder and CEO of IONAGE Technologies, stated, “Our commitment to addressing critical gaps in India’s journey towards net-zero emissions is unwavering. Through innovative products like the Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform, we are accelerating the widespread adoption of sustainable mobility, propelling India towards its ambitious carbon emissions goals.”

The platform stands out for allowing EV owners to subscribe and use digital solar credits at home chargers and across all charging networks connected to the IONAGE platform. Additionally, it offers opportunities for Charging Point Operators (CPOs) to reach IONAGE’s 65,000 users and enable digital solar-based charging in their network.
Mathew Samuel, co-founder of SundayGrids, added, “SundayGrids is proud to collaborate with IONAGE in pioneering India’s first Digital Solar-based EV Charging Platform. Together, we are disrupting the accessibility and perception of solar energy, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace clean energy solutions.”

Recently, the Indian government announced its vision through the ‘PradhanmantriSuryoday Yojana’, which will target installing solar rooftops that are set to ensure free electricity of up to 300 units every month for one crore households. In 2022, the government shared a vision of increasing solar power capacity to 100 GW. This commitment, which underscores the national drive towards clean and sustainable energy solutions, is also perfectly aligned with the launch of this groundbreaking platform.

As of 2021, India has recorded over 1 million EV sales, and as per industry reports, this number is expected to touch 50 million by 2030. As per Moody’s Investors Service, while India has the fourth-largest car market globally, its electric vehicle (EV) penetration currently remains at just 1 percent. The government’s Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) policies have played a pivotal role in accelerating EV adoption across the country. In spite of positive government initiatives and policy support directed to achieve the GoI’s target of 30 percent EV penetration by 2030, the key challenge remains the availability of a reliable, accessible, and affordable EV charging infrastructure, which is the cornerstone of success for the EV sector in India. IONAGE aims to work toward solving this challenge!

The newly launched platform is compatible with all types of EVs and is open to EV owners, CPOs, EV manufacturers, enterprises, and government agencies looking at a truly sustainable EV transition.IONAGE anticipates capturing 50,000 combined subscriptions from existing and new EV owners by 2025, with a combined installation of over 60 MW through this groundbreaking platform. IONAGE and SundayGrids envision expediting the adoption and utilization of renewable energy sources, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future for the nation.