16th May 2024, InfoVision, a leader in providing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions, is proud to announce its recognition as a ‘Standout’ in the ISG Case Study Research for 2023, within the Banking and Financial Services sector for North America.

This esteemed recognition celebrates the outstanding work and tangible outcomes achieved in InfoVision’s digital transformation project with a renowned mortgage technology company. The project was highlighted for its exceptional impact on the client’s business, showcasing a 40% increase in platform efficiency and a significant 50% reduction in operational costs.

The ISG Case Study Research program, which assesses and validates technology and service providers’ case studies worldwide, recognized InfoVision for its innovative and unique solution that rejuvenated the client’s flagship platform. The transformation was marked by strategic moves such as migrating the platform to a more cost-effective, fully managed data center and improving customer experience through advanced automation and design enhancements.

“Our partnership with the client and the success of their product is a testament to our commitment to ‘imagining IT differently’,” said Sean Yalamanchi, President of InfoVision. “We’re honored that ISG has acknowledged our efforts and the value we bring to our clients through transformative digital solutions.”

The ISG research review committee independently validated the case study, emphasizing the complexity of the technology ecosystem managed and the ‘skin-in-the-game’ approach of InfoVision. As a result of this success, our client is expanding the partnership to grant more product ownership to InfoVision, further demonstrating the trust and effectiveness of the collaboration.

InfoVision’s dedication to innovation and its client-centric approach have been pivotal in achieving recognition by ISG, confirming its role as a leader in digital transformation within the Banking and Financial Services industry.