New Delhi, 23rd March 2024 – Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, unveiled its new NOTE 40 Series of mobile phones at a global launch event held at the legendary F1 Racing Track– Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. The event was brimming with interactive and immersive experiences, offering a spectacular showcase of the cutting-edge fast charging experience brought by All-Round FastCharge 2.0 for Infinix users worldwide.

The launch event attracted local, regional, and global media, along with Infinix partners from around the world. Participants were treated to an extraordinary experience that transcended the boundaries of a typical press conference. To celebrate the introduction of the new phone range, Infinix set up an innovative ‘All-Round HyperSpeed Lab’ at the event. This futuristic laboratory provided participants with an immersive encounter with the brand-new NOTE 40 Series, offering a firsthand experience of the brand’s emphasis on light, electricity, and speed.

Defying Norms with a First-of-its-Kind 3D Holographic Experience

The lab showcased an Infinix 3D Charging Box, which utilized 3D projections and holographic displays to bring the All-Round FastCharge 2.0 icon to life. Attendees were allowed to experience the future with this naked-eye 3D display. Lake Hu, Infinix’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented on the experiential launch, stating, “At Infinix, we always strive to push boundaries and challenge the conventions of mobile technology. That’s why we’re defying typical launches, breathing new life into the industry, and challenging norms. It’s the same with our Infinix NOTE 40 Series, where we’re redefining fast charging performance and offering the best charging experience in its segment.”

BIOVOLT: A Luminous Odyssey by World-Renowned Studio T*SH

The lab at the event also treated participants to a visually stunning Lighting Art Showcase called BIOVOLT, co-created by Infinix and Studio T*SH (Technology, Imagination, Spaces and Humans). The studio collaborates with well-known innovative brands and institutions around the globe, such as BMW, to craft new physical experiences with signature interactive installations where art and technology merge. BIOVOLT is an interactive light art installation by Yves Peitzner, founder of Studio T*SH, conceived in tandem with the launch of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series. “BIO” represents humanity, while “VOLT” symbolizes electricity. When they are connected, an incredibly wonderful interaction will occur. BIOVOLT delves into the intricate dance between human interaction, technological innovation, and the invisible yet palpable force of electricity. This piece stands as a living metaphor for the continuous exchange of energy and information that defines our modern existence, emphasizing the crucial roles of electricity and human connection.

Embarking on an Exhilarating Racing Experience
Infinix truly embodies a dedication to speed, which is evident not only in its commitment to providing best-in-class fast charging but also in its collaboration showcased at the launch. The brand has partnered with DesignWorks, a BMW Group company, to create an exhilarating ‘Racing Edition’ of the NOTE 40 Series, drawing inspiration from the world of Formula 1 racing. It was fitting, therefore, that the world-renowned Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was specifically chosen as the venue for the launch event. Guests at the event were treated to a taste of life in the fast lane at the Sepang racing track, with an exclusive drifting experience in high-powered legendary sports cars.

The Infinix NOTE 40 Series launch event was a testament to the brand’s passion for technology, as well as its commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional performance. This dedication is further exemplified by the self-developed All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology from Infinix and the first-in-class specifications of the Infinix NOTE 40 Series.

The Infinix NOTE 40 Series will be available globally starting from March 18th, offering color options such as Vintage Green, Obsidian Black, and Titan Gold. The highly anticipated Racing Edition, a collaboration between Infinix and DesignWorks, a BMW Group Company, will be released shortly.