Indian Overseas Bank

Date: 27th July 2023 Indian Overseas Bank has organized a special campaign for self-help groups across all districts of Tamil Nadu.

At today’s event in Chennai, we have the esteemed presence of Chennai District Collector, Tmt. M Aruna IAS, as the special guest, along with Tmt. S. Srimathy, Executive Director of Indian Overseas Bank, Thiru N. Srinivasan, Project Officer of TNULM, and ThiruDevendar Kumar, Chief Regional Manager, Chennai-1.

Chennai-1 and Chennai-2 constituencies alone have witnessed 97 beneficiaries amounting to Rs. 16.58 crores extended by Indian Overseas Bank.The bank, in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Livelihood Promotion Society, aims to promote financial empowerment to self-help groups through these initiatives.

Across all districts of Tamil Nadu, we have provided loans to a total of 1343 beneficiaries, amounting to Rs. 151.62 crores, under various welfare schemes for self-help groups. Additionally, these beneficiaries have been enrolled in social security schemes, such as Suraksha BimaYojana, JeevanJyotiBimaYojana, Atal Pension Yojana, among others.