India to Create

By Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services

“India is poised to create 30 million green jobs by 2050, marking a significant shift towards sustainability and environmental responsibility in the job market. Over the past 6 years, the share of green talent has climbed from less than 10% to about 15%, highlighting a growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices across industries.

NLB Services has identified a broad spectrum of green job opportunities available across various hierarchies and specialties. These roles include Chief Sustainability Officer, Sustainability Engineer, Environmental Manager, Environmental Auditor, Renewable Energy Engineer, Environmental Consultant, and Green Building Consultant. The rise in such positions underscores the increasing demand for professionals adept at integrating sustainable practices into business operations. As companies take proactive steps to acknowledge their ESG agenda, the necessity to attract suitable green talent is also on the ascent.

With a majority of Indian businesses now seeking green talent, there’s still a demand-supply gap of around 40-50% of skilled talent. This demand, which currently exceeds the talent pool, underscores the need for professionals with a solid foundation in STEM disciplines. Key skills required in this burgeoning field include engineering, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, expertise in data science, and knowledge of global energy markets, regulatory policies, recycling, and energy management.

As India continues its journey towards a sustainable future, the demand for green talent will only increase, creating numerous opportunities for those equipped with the right skills and education.”