Bengaluru5th August 2023 Myntra, one of the leading fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destinations, has unveiled the ad film for FWD, its immersive trend-first destination for Gen-Z, starring its new brand ambassadors Khushi Kapoor and Vedang Raina. As part of the campaign, ‘Spot it, Get it’, Khushi and Vedang appear in a film, highlighting FWD as the go-to destination for all viral fashion trends and its immersive experience that allows users to effortlessly transition from ‘spotting’ the viral fashion trends to ‘getting’ them on FWD, powered by Myntra’s photo-search feature.

Khushi, the quintessential fashionista, has already made waves with her personal style, while Vedang embodies a versatile and suave fashion sense, true to his personality. When it comes to fashion, Khushi, and Vedang are already style icons among youth in their own right. The pair’s playful energy, stylish personas, matched with their vivacious charm, makes them a fitting dynamic duo to represent Myntra FWD. With the roll-out of the new ad film, Myntra aims to strengthen its bond with Zoomers, further strengthening FWD as the go-to destination for the latest trends and unmatched fashion experiences.

‘Spot it, Get it’, the revolutionary photo-search feature on Myntra, is designed to empower users with an effortless way to discover and shop for the hottest viral fashion trends available on FWD. When users come across a captivating fashion trend they wish to embrace, either spotted on a person anywhere, or on their favourite celeb on social media, or online, they can simply take a picture of that fashion trend and upload it through the photo search feature on the Myntra app. Once they ‘search’, the platform showcases a wide array of similar trend-first styles for the fashion-forward consumers. Android users can additionally simply ‘share’ the photo with ‘Myntra’ from the list of apps, to swiftly spot and access these extensive collections of trendiest styles from FWD on Myntra.