Top 50 Podcast Serie

29 April 2023  IMDB, the world’s leading database for movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content, listed only one Indian title in its Top 50 Most Popular Podcast Series. ‘Insta Millionaire’, a Hindi audio series as defined by Pocket FM, has been ranked at #27 on the list. The series has garnered a total of 1678 reviews, the second most in the list, and has received an impressive rating of almost 7 (precisely 6.8). Louder with Crowder, a talk show, has received 1705 reviews, and ranked 23rd with a 5.9 rating.

Recently, this audio series has become a craze with it generating over 300 million plays and clocking over 3.5 billion listening minutes across English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. It has grossed a revenue of over Rs. 30 crores, a fate that was unheard of before for a single title in audio entertainment. The captivating story of “Insta Millionaire” follows the journey of a young man named ‘Lucky’, as he rises from rags to riches in a thrilling game of luck. Despite his humble beginnings and struggles, Lucky remains strong and selfless, keeping his hardships hidden from his love life, even when his girlfriend cheats on him.

Upon reaching out to Swapnil Jain, an actor-writer-director who penned the story for the Hindi version of Insta Millionaire, he expressed his elation at witnessing the massive success of the audio series. He said, “As a writer, it’s an absolute honor to see Insta Millionaire being recognized as the only Indian audio series in IMDB’s Top 50 list. It’s humbling to see Insta Millionaire being listed alongside some of the global hits, and it serves as a testament to the growing popularity of audio series as a medium of entertainment, globally.”

Interestingly, the English version of Insta Millionaire, adapted for the US and another international markets, has also made it to the list and ranked at #19 with a 7.7 rating. The IMDB Top 50 Podcast Series list includes popular audio series like The Sandman, Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind, Batman: The Audio Adventures, Case 63, and many more.

IMDB’s Top 50 List is a highly coveted recognition, with only the most exceptional and critically acclaimed audio series and serialized podcasts making it to this list.