IESA Annual Members Meet 2023

Bangalore, 29 April 2023: The Indian Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) congregated all its esteemed members at its Annual Members Meet 2023. The event was organized on April 27, at the Conrad Bengaluru. The event served as an excellent platform for members to gain insights into the present plans, and progress metrics, and actively contribute to strategizing the future trajectory of IESA.

The Annual Members Meet is an important event in the IESA calendar. The gathering brings together industry leaders, innovators, and key stakeholders from the electronics and semiconductor sector. The convention provides a unique opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and collectively work toward the growth and development of the industry.

Speaking about the event, Sanjay Gupta, Chairman IESA said, “We are thrilled to have hosted the IESA Annual Members Meet 2023 and invite all our esteemed members to attend. This annual event is an excellent opportunity for us to share our progress, plans and vision for the future of the electronics and semiconductor industry in India. Our members’ participation in strategizing the future trajectory of IESA is vital for us to achieve our mission of making India a global leader in the ESDM industry. With prominent speakers providing valuable insights and engaging in stimulating discussions on current trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry, we are confident that our members will find the event quite enlightening.”

The participants got a chance to engage with prominent speakers, thought leaders, and experts who shared their knowledge and experiences on the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics. The event also featured interactive sessions, and networking opportunities thereby facilitating meaningful conversations and fostering partnerships within the ESDM industry in India.