Sahaj Chaha

Mumbai, 9th October 2023: Amazon miniTV- Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently launched youth dance drama Campus Beats. The series has been receiving a lot of appreciation from viewers across the country since its release. Campus beats narrates the tale of two groups, OGs and the BGs (The Originals and the Backgrounders), who are talented dancers from the Mumbai University of Movement and Dance, better known as M.A.D. University. The show takes us through a wide array of emotions — friendships, love, freedom, and justice in a modern dance academy that is also divided across socio-economic classes. It features Shantanu Maheshwari, Shruti Sinha, Sahaj Singh Chahal, Tanvi Gadkari, and Harsh Dingwanii in pivotal roles, along with Tanya Bhushan, Dhanshree Yadav, Teriya Magar, Adnan Khan, and Rohan Pal.

Sahaj Chahal portrays the character, Neel, an individual who imposes authority onto the newcomers in the college and is part of the popular group. He embodies the typical male stereotype in order to mask his real worries. Sharing the experience of shooting for Campus Beats, Sahaj said, “Our shooting time on set was amazing and we made a lot of fond memories. Throughout the shoot, we constantly supported and encouraged each other to perform our characters well. Off-screen energy transformed into a wonderful on-screen chemistry between all of us. Honestly, I am flattered to be a part of such an amazing series”.

Shruti Sinha essays the role of Netra. A brilliant, liberated young woman who defies her tyranny while yet missing the awareness to thoroughly evaluate her own potential. Elaborating on her experience with co-actors, Shruti mentioned, “Shantanu, Tanvi, Sahaj, and others are amazing, all of them are so talented. The best part about all of us is that we’re always there to help each other. I know I was struggling initially a bit because hip-hop is not my style. I am trained in Kathak. Everyone was always on top to help me, and they guided me throughout the shoot. I used to irritate them multiple times with multiple questions, and they did not get annoyed even once.”

Campus Beats is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV, which you can watch for free on the Amazon shopping app and on Fire TV. You can now also download the Amazon miniTV app on Playstore.