Calmness in chaos

Swati said “Nature’s calling” is an exhibition very close and dear to me as it’s inspired by my nani (maternal grandmother) and the very reason I started painting- coloring. My nani has an abundance of knowledge of plants, seeds, pots, leaves and what not, which she was kind enough to share with me. This also made me realize “nature” is a very generic term used for flora fauna, personality & nature. It also made me think that is anyone actually embracing nature? Like just pausing for a moment to breathe, look up and down to the sky, moon, stars, grass and introspect themselves. So I wanted to showcase how on this busy day we can stop for a moment to embrace nature. Feel the color or connect with it even if it’s not green in color. Another reason I mentioned was why I started painting because I loved coloring for the longest time. So if you see one color or max two are a common thread in each painting. Just exploring what one color can portray and how nature is just everywhere especially if we talk about life, life in one color may look dull or boring but with its changing hues in that color seems very interesting and so deep at the same time.

I hope you all immerse yourself in nature because trust me it’s always calling us in one way or another. Even when the deceased leave only ashes are left behind in a solid form but their soul is reincarnated in nature’s form.


Swati Goel

She has strong instincts. She choose her colours based on instinct. A lot of her artwork is also made by instinct. When to paint with her hands or a certain texture and where to balance out her composition and all these techniques is where instinct plays a huge role in this special journey of her.

She is very passionate about her art. Dhr began paining since she was a child and back again at a time of crisis, covid-19 pandemic.

Over these years, she has calibrated her worldview based on her own struggles and the inspiration that she draws from her environment. Her paintings depict abstract expressionism and a special story is attached to all.

You will find her paintings to depict her unique style and textural techniques too. In every viewing she aims to enable her audience to experience fresh, subjective ways of experiencing and living different emotions— which she may be feeling while painting or would have wanted the painting to depict. In all of her paintings she runs a common thread of light, a ray of hope, positivity and purity, which runs in the background of my life as well.

All her paintings are also linked with music in one way or another. Sometimes it’s the beat that her dance to while applying paint and running her spatula on it or sometimes her mind would really ponder upon the lyrics of the song. It could be the rhythm that changed her wrist movement that ended up making her final outcome or it could be the number of times she have heard the same track and completed her artwork accordingly.

Art for her is a form of catharsis. She feels liberated when she paint. She consider painting a form of self therapy. She feels a sense of relief in her mind, body and soul. She is a young woman, who is a direct product of the world that she occupy, shaped by the system of which she is a part. She paint not just the world she sees, and the emotions she feels, but a future world that she hopes to change in a positive manner. One that is free of violence, fear, chaos and conflict. One that is filled with hope, purity, love, light and dreams.

She hopes that you will enjoy the paintings as much as she enjoyed painting them for you.