Hiring Commentary From Nlb Services | Airbus and Indigo Deal

The recent landmark deal between Airbus and IndiGo marks a significant milestone for the aviation industry, particularly from a talent demand perspective. With IndiGo’s order for 500 Airbus A320 family aircraft, valued at a staggering $50 billion, it not only establishes itself as the largest-ever single aircraft purchase by any airline with Airbus but also paves the way for tremendous employment opportunities in the aviation and allied sectors in India. This announcement is the second after Air India’s deal with Boeing and Airbus a few months back and is expected to have a multiplier effect on employment generation in India. India is currently grappling with a shortage of pilots, it only has 9000 pilots flying 700 aircraft. Just in the next 1 year, the new planes will require 1800-2000 pilots. This is over and beyond the rising demand to manage private fleets.

Both the deals put together (Air India & Indigo) are expected to create over 4Lakh jobs directly and indirectly by 2035 across technical and non-technical roles. Demand for pilots alone is expected to grow 3X every year for the next 5 years and demand for critical technical profiles like aircraft craft engineers, and aerospace engineers is expected to grow by 10-15%. Some of the must-have skills for the aviation industry include knowledge of aerodynamics, navigation, problem-solving skills, avionics, aviation security, and aviation hospitality skills amongst others.” added Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services.

With the thriving aviation market, rapid infrastructure development, and a young and skilled workforce, India is poised to shape the future of the aviation industry. The Airbus and IndiGo deal serves as a testament to the vast opportunities that lie ahead, propelling India towards becoming a global aviation powerhouse.

Here are some of the profiles which are expected to benefit from the deal:

Aircraft maintenance engineers14-15%100015-17%
Aerospace engineers14-15%100015-17%
Flight engineers12-14%100015-17%
Flight attendants15-16%250015-17%
Air Traffic controller14-15%250015-17%
Ground staff15-16%350015-17%

Here are some of the profiles which are expected to benefit from the deal in the air transportation and logistics industry

Cargo Management10-15%100015-17%
Airport Management14-17%200015-17%
Air Traffic control14-15%250015-17%
Aviation Safety14-17%250015-17%
Logistic Management14-17%200015-17%

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