HDFC Credila Education

Pune, Maharashtra, India Bajaj Markets augments its education loan offerings through a partnership with HDFC Credila. This collaboration signifies a significant step in providing lending solutions tailored to the unique needs of students and their families, amplifying the choices available to them.

A pioneer in the field, HDFC Credila brings its expertise and a diverse range of education loan products to Bajaj Markets, fostering convenient access to financing solutions for international academic pursuits.

With HDFC Credila Education Loan now available on Bajaj Markets, students can gain access to a maximum loan amount of Rs. 75 Lakhs for unsecured loans, with no upper limit on secured loans. The competitive interest rates, starting at 10.25% per annum, ensure affordability, making quality education within reach.

Individuals can reap the benefit of a flexible repayment tenure, extending up to 15 years. The eligibility of the applicant is determined based on their academic achievements, chosen institute/course/country, and their co-borrower’s financial profile. The digital application journey, coupled with faster disbursal ensures a seamless borrowing experience.

The introduction of HDFC Credila Education Loan on Bajaj Markets marks a significant milestone in providing comprehensive financial solutions for educational pursuits. Bajaj Markets reinforces its commitment to variety, transparency, and convenience, reflecting its role as a trusted platform for comparing and applying for loans.