Goldfish hits the theaters

India, 22nd August 2023: While fans eagerly wait for the critically acclaimed Kalki Koechlin starrer Goldfish, Splendid Films announced the new date of release for the film. Set in London, this heart-touching movie captures the relationship between a daughter and her mother who is enduring in agony caused by dementia. The movie widely dwells deep into music, health and an emotional ride that a daughter goes through while seeing her mother in distress.

The month of September is considered as the World Alzheimer’s Month to spread awareness about the disease and demystify it. Contributing to the noble campaign, Splendid Films has decided to release the movie on September 1st, 2023. Goldfish marks the accomplished actor Kalki Koechlin’s return to theatres after 4 years.

Directed by Pushan Kripalani, this Indian-British-American production brings together powerhouse talents Deepti Naval, Kalki Koechlin and Rajit Kapur with some extraordinary actors from the United Kingdom – Bharti Patel, Gordon Warnecke, Ravin Ganatra and Shanaya Rafaat – to tell a delicate, timeless story of a mother and a daughter, and of community.