New Delhi, 7th November 2023: : Goa Tourism is excited to participate in the World Travel Mart (WTM) in London from the 6th to 8th of November 2023. Known for its pristine coastlines and lively beach culture, Goa also offers a unique blend of relaxation, adventure and cultural experiences, and many other facets of the destination that are gaining popularity such as Eco Tourism, Hinterland Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Sports Tourism, Festival Tourism, Cuisine and Cultural Tourism. The objective of participating in the WTM is to highlight these facets and showcase Goa as an all-year-round tourism destination.

Tourists from all over the UK and Europe would love to visit Goa to experience the festivities, year-end activities, heritage and architecture, adventure activities, and spa services, among others. To attract more visitors from Europe, Goa Tourism is promoting the e-tourist visa facility available at the Goa International Airport in Dabolim and Manohar International Airport – Mopa, North Goa.

Hon’ble Tourism Minister of Goa Shri Rohan A. Khaunte, stated “The Department of Toursim, Govt. Of Goa is dedicated to strengthening tourism infrastructures and promoting sustainable tourism practices in the state. We aim to showcase Goa’s rich cultural heritage and promote responsible tourism that respects and preserves our environment. Goa’s participation in WTM London demonstrates our commitment to positioning Goa as a premier travel destination on the global map. We look forward to forging strategic partnerships with international travel organizations and attracting more tourists to experience the magic of Goa. I extend my warm invitation to travel enthusiasts and industry professionals to visit Goa’s pavilion at WTM London and discover the incredible diversity and beauty of “India’s Sunshine State” first hand.”

Goa will be represented at WTM by the Hon’ble Minister of Tourism Shri Rohan A. Khaunte along with other officials.. The Goa stand will showcase sampling of GI status Cashew Feni, Cultural Performances, a Goa evening, and Goan delicacies like Bebinca, Cashews, and other sweets. Co-exhibitor participation will also be arranged for conducting productive meetings.

Goa offers Various Tourism Facets such as:

Beach Tourism

Goa is the most admired destination for its spectacular beaches and this makes it a perfect holiday destination. The attractive beaches of Goa are a draw for millions of tourists throughout the year. Goa’s beaches have always been a hot – spot for both domestic and foreign tourists and hence has been honoured with several awards for Best Beaches and Coastal Destination.

Experiential Tourism

Goa’s tourism offerings go beyond its beautiful beaches. The state also boasts a wide range of experiential tourism activities, including spice plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, and eco-tourism initiatives. Visitors can explore the diverse cultural and natural treasures that Goa has to offer.

Goa Roadmap

Goa Tourism is thrilled to unveil its roadmap for the upcoming year, designed to elevate the travel experience for visitors. The roadmap incorporates key initiatives that prioritize sustainable development, infrastructure improvements, and the discovery of offbeat destinations.

Policies – Homestay & Caravan

Goa’s innovative homestay and caravan policy encourages tourists to explore beyond the coasts, providing authentic cultural experiences.

Goa’s creative and IT sectors are flourishing through collaboration, cooperation, and collective efforts leading up to making it the creative capital of India with the help of initiatives such as the co-working spaces, and a digital museum.

Connectivity into Goa

Goa maintains robust air connectivity with Oman, operating approximately 300 direct flights facilitated by Oman Air and Indian carriers. Similar convenience is extended to Bahrain, with four weekly flights operated by Gulf Air and Indian carriers.

European countries, as well as nations like Oman and the UAE, are eligible to apply for an e-visa for India upon arrival at the Goa airport. Additionally, Goa boasts comprehensive air links with major Indian metropolitan areas.

ETA for Goa

Goa Tourism will reconfirm the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for its various ongoing infrastructure projects, which are designed to enhance the overall tourism experience. These projects include airport expansions, road upgrades, and the development of new tourist attractions.


Goa Tourism remains committed to sustainable development and will highlight its efforts towards achieving the united Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The tourism sector in Goa is striving to create a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Travel for Life

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi, has always emphasized the importance of travel and its role in enhancing one’s life experiences. As part of his vision for a better India and a better world, PM Modi has launched ‘Travel for Life’, which aims to promote tourism and travel and to encourage responsible and eco-friendly travel. The concept of ‘Travel for Life’ plays a vital role in nurturing and enhancing the growth of tourism in Goa, benefitting both the state and its visitors. ‘Travel for Life’ promotes the idea of exploring different places and experiencing diverse cultures. By encouraging people to visit Goa, it helps in showcasing the unique beauty and charm of the state to a wider audience. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of tourism and boosts the local economy. Through ‘Travel for Life’, Goa receives increased attention from travellers and tourists, leading to a higher demand for accommodations, transportation, and other tourism-related services. This surge in tourism creates job opportunities, especially within the hospitality and tourism sectors, thus providing employment for the local population. It also includes raising awareness about the importance of conserving the beaches, rivers, and forests of Goa, thereby contributing to the overall environmental conservation efforts.

UK (& Europe) Key Market

Goa Tourism recognizes the UK and European markets as key contributors to its tourism industry. It will urge long-term stays and showcase the unique offerings that align with the preferences of these markets, including world-class hospitality, cultural immersion, and a wide range of recreational activities.

Workation Goa

‘Work at your leisure’ is the new and resounding call that Goa Tourism has given to tourists and professionals globally. Mindful of India’s international commitments towards the Sustainable development Goals, the fresh approach towards tourism focuses on women empowerment and environmentally and culturally sustainable practices.

MICE Tourism

Goa is making strides towards new horizons, one of which is the development of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) Tourism. The state has positioned itself as a prominent destination for MICE, offering top-notch services through its high-end hotels and convention centers. Many corporate houses and companies prefer Goa for both large and small events due to its ideal blend of business and relaxation against the backdrop of serene and picturesque landscapes. Goa Tourism has been recognized and awarded for its efforts in promoting MICE tourism, further establishing itself as a leading state in this sector.

Adventure Tourism

Goa offers unique adventure services like Hot Air Ballooning in the south and Hop on Hop off bus service in the north. The monsoon season in Goa has become popular due to activities like white water rafting and trekking expeditions conducted by GTDC.

Wedding Tourism

Goa has become a hotspot for weddings and wedding celebrations. With excellent air, road, and rail connectivity, a wide range of hotels, cuisine, and entertainers, wedding tourism in Goa has caught on in a big way. The state has received several awards as a leading Wedding and Honeymoon Destination.

Festivals and Events

From October till May, Goa hosts a variety of festivals and events that showcase the state’s diverse cultures, folklore, food, and festivities. Religious festivals like Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali, Christmas, and annual events including Carnaval, Shigmo, Bonderam, Sao Joao offer tourists opportunities to explore and experience Goa. Even during the monsoons, several festivals are organized to showcase Goa’s culture and traditions.

Music and Dance

Goa has a rich cultural diversity, which is evident during events and festivals. Music and dance play a significant role in Goan culture, with musical events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Tourists come to Goa to witness authentic and traditional folklore through various songs and dances.

Safety and Security of Tourists

Goa Tourism prioritizes the safety and security of tourists with the Goa Tourism Helpline – 1364. The beaches are patrolled by 676 life guards, and additional personnel patrol the beaches till midnight. The state also offers an exclusive women taxi service for women tourists. Goa has been recognized as one of the top 10 Best Nightlife Cities in the world by National Geographic. To enhance commutation and comfort, Goa Tourism has launched app-based taxi services like Goa Miles and Goa Taxi for tourists visiting Goa.

Beach Cleaning Initiatives

Goa boasts some of the best beaches in India, Asia, and the world. The Comprehensive Beach Cleaning Management Plan and other clean beach initiatives have ensured that the beaches are clean and well-maintained. Mechanisms for collection, segregation, and disposal have shown positive results.

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