Bangalore, 30 November 2023– Salesforce Consulting Practice and a distinguished global Tech Consulting boutique firm, Horizontal Digital, announce the strategic addition of Ritu Jhajharia as Associate Director. With a decade and a half of experience in Tech and Marketing, Ritu brings a wealth of expertise to further elevate Horizontal Digital’s global impact.

Ritu is an accomplished Marketing and Brand Communications Specialist with a proven track record in leadership roles, driving 360-degree integrated marketing initiatives for MNCs, startups and as a Co-Founder. She has had a distinguished journey across Fashion, Edtech, Banking sectors where teaching Marketing related subjects remained her constant. A published author and dynamic speaker, she excels in delivering measurable results and fostering business growth.

Revolutionizing Tech Consulting with Purposeful Innovation

Horizontal Digital stands apart not merely as a service provider but as a creator of meaningful and connected digital experiences. It goes beyond the conventional paradigm in tech business to strengthen the brand relationship with their customers. The company delivers a suite of tech consulting solutions and offering services such as CX Strategy & Design, and Sales, Service & CRM, Customer Data Management, Analytics & AI, and Marketing Automation.

Ritu Jhajharia

Ritu Jhajharia expressed her excitement and said,”Being at the forefront of the marketing landscape in India, spending over 15 years in MarTech and being on all sides of the table, it was time for me to share my learnings, experiences and expertise with those who are looking to create transformational digital experiences. And there is no better arena to do this than consulting. I’m looking forward to making a big impact in the MarTech and CRM Consulting space and be part of shaping up the perception about Indian talent in the global market as a world-class client-facing consulting force to reckon with instead of being seen as mere offshore service providers for outsourcing. I’m going to focus on building and leading a strong team of consultants to play a key role in propelling the company’s growth. I am excited to join this dynamic and diverse global team, and the vibrant culture at Horizontal Digital which already feels like a breath of fresh air.”

Recently honored as the Marketing and Commerce Partner of the Year by Salesforce in the Middle East, Horizontal Digital stands as a beacon of diversity and growth. In a statement that resonates with Horizontal Digital’s commitment to transformative growth, Anil Pilania, Managing Director, Salesforce Technology Consulting, India, said,”Ritu coming onboard marks a pivotal moment for us. We’re not just a tech consulting firm; we’re creators of meaningful, omnichannel and connected digital experiences for our customers. Ritu’s addition aligns with our vision of fostering a culture of curiosity and consultative thinking. We’re not just orchestrating steady growth; we’re shifting orbits. Horizontal Digital is at the forefront of a transformative era, and we invite ambitious professionals in the country to join us on this exhilarating journey.”

Horizontal Digital invites forward-thinking professionals to join its vibrant community and be part of an exciting era of growth and innovation. ‘’At Horizontal, we continue to challenge archaic stereotypes about Indian talent. It’s time our skilled professionals show the world, not just as tech experts but as confident consultants, capable of putting technology into a real business context, solving real problems for real people. Collaborative work culture, supportive leadership and inclusive outlook form the core of how we look at building our company,’’ beams Anil Pilania.