New Delhi, 8th December 2023 The Global Bio-India 2023 event, hosted by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, and its pivotal Public Sector Undertaking, the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), has hosted the transformative gathering of biotech enthusiasts from December 4-6, 2023.

Having reached $92.3 billion in 2022, the Indian biotech industry aims for an impressive $150 billion by 2025 and an ambitious $300 billion by 2030 (Source). This remarkable path presents a compelling opportunity for individuals and companies worldwide to engage in and contribute to the flourishing biotech market. The robust community of over 6,000 biotechnology startups reflects the sector’s evolution from just 50 startups eight to nine years ago, emphasizing the transformative potential of this industry (Source). The country’s vast biodiversity, particularly in the Himalayan region, provides a rich resource pool waiting to be harnessed, positioning India as a global leader in Biotechnology.

In a strategic move to improve global collaboration in the biotech sector, the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) is proud to bring five cutting-edge startups from around the world in partnership with Global Business Inroads. These innovative ventures are set to contribute to India’s dynamic biotech landscape and further strengthen the nation’s position in the global biotechnology arena. They are:

  • Water&Soil, (Hungary)- Antal Vattay MD said- “BIRAC’s initiative provides us with a unique platform to integrate our innovations into this vibrant market.”
  • Gecco Biotech, (Groningen, The Netherlands)- Dr. Niklo Loncar, CEO of Gecco, views participation in this initiative as an opportunity to contribute expertise to India’s thriving biotech ecosystem. He said, “Our collaboration with BIRAC signifies our commitment to fostering global partnerships.”
  • UKCAS Cultural Innovation (Sri Lanka): Darshana Naulla, CEO of UKCAS Cultural Innovation notes- “BIRAC’s efforts align with our mission of cultural innovation, and we are eager to explore new avenues in this market.”
  • Crop BioLabs (Brazil): Aruã Prudenciatti, CEO of CROP Biolabs said- “India’s biotech sector is on a trajectory of remarkable growth, and Crop Labs is eager to contribute our innovations to this dynamic ecosystem.”
  • Genera Smart Lab (Romania): Septimiu Ilea of General Smart Lab notes “Being selected by BIRAC is a tremendous honor for Genera Smart Lab. India’s burgeoning biotech landscape presents an exciting opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.”

 “This is a unique opportunity provided by BIRAC to international start-ups who generally don’t have access to information on markets like India and how to navigate and penetrate one of the fastest growing economies. Global Business Inroads (GBI) has built a network, platform and process to create access to technologies and enable more deployment. This partnership with BIRAC will scale the level and pace at which innovative technologies from around the world become available in India to solve global challenges.”said Leena Pishe Thomas, Director, Global Business Inroads (GBI).

 Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Managing Director, BIRAC, underscores the significance of global collaboration in the biotech sector: “The true potential of biotechnology lies in transcending geographical boundaries. BIRAC’s endeavour to bring these international startups to India reflects our commitment to harnessing global expertise for mutual growth. We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit India’s biotech sector but will also contribute to the global advancement of biotechnology.”