Riar Saab Steals

Prepare for an explosion on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT as anticipation soars this week! Squad Bosses prep the Hustlers vying for the trophy to gear up for an epic showdown. Riar Saab and Abhijay Sharma make a special appearance tonight and perform on their sensational global track ‘Obsessed’ elevating the energy on the stage of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT.

Abhijay Sharma applauds the show and the incredible talent that each contestant holds. Meanwhile, Riar Saab expresses his enthusiasm and proudly mentions how he’s been following the show since the beginning. He feels particularly excited about his friends Bob. B Randhawa and 100RBH being a part of this season. He also adds that Kayden and Mrunal are his favourites and will then say adios to the show!

Hosts Wicked Sunny and Super Manickk kickoff ‘Govo Bass ka Boss Week’ where one can expect bangers, bars and bass! In a game-changing announcement, Rap Supremo Badshah has a dual revelation, ‘Ticket to Finale’ to the contestants who earns the most number of crown pins; stand a chance to win; while the harsh reality of ‘Two Eliminations’ this week adds a layer of intensity and thick competition. As the stakes are raised higher, the Hustlers have to bring their A-game to handle the challenges and secure their position closer to victory on MTV Hustle stage.

Vijay Dada opens the show with a fun reggae rap performance on the ‘Mumbai Local’. His eclectic performance earns a standing ovation from Squad Boss Dino James; whilst EPR declares, “This is my favourite song from this season hands down!” Ikka adds, “Aaj toh tune phad diya, acche acche log aise gaana nahi bana paate bro..Tu ek khushiyan baantne wala artist hai.” Badshah calls this an ‘Impeccable’ act, says, “Tumne jo Reggae nibhaya hai na, every Reggae artist will be proud of you with the way you have performed, yeh toh certified Radio hit hai!” as he hits the button.

Gaush rocks the stage with a tod phod performance on ‘Should I Dumb it Down?’ leaving Badshah impressed and breaking records after his act. He commends Gaush stating, “Yeh wala Gaush dhoond raha tha mein, this is the real you!”. “No one can stop you from being great!” Dino James praises the act saying, “This performance was apt for Bass ka Boss week.” EPR will open up on how rap rock saved his hip-hop career, earning appreciation from Squad Bosses Dino James and Ikka for his extensive knowledge in hip-hop!

After a great Gujarati folk rendition last week, this week Mrunal Shankar is all set to rap in blues style on her ‘Mommy Issues’ that captivated the entire crowd. Badshah lauds her skills saying, “Mrunal this is a cult classic song, this is a beautiful song” and awards her with a Radio Hit. Squad Boss DeeMC adds, “You really are the definition of leveling up on the stage. You moved like a Jazz star, Kudos on that!”

Subsequently, 100RBH dominates the stage with a conscious rap addressing injustice against women, leaving everyone with chills. Ikka salutes him, “Bahut sundar soch hai teri aur tu badlav lana chahta hai tere music se, yehi tera weapon hai… Teri kalam mein, teri awaaz mein dono mein dum hai. Ek ladka hokar ladki ki baat kari hai tune ladke ke side se wow yaar!”

Moving further, Burrah takes the spotlight with a soulful rendition ‘Tu Te Main’, creating a heartwarming atmosphere that instantly resonates with the audience. Stunned by the performance, Badshah says, “Soch alag hi hai iski. This is modern Sufism!” DeeMC says, “I can’t stop smiling when you perform. Rap is everything, rap is poetry; it doesn’t have to be in your face, for me the spoken words were everything!”

UDAY, the young rapper, is all set to pour his heart out by rapping ‘I Tried My Best’ talking about his personal demons and the feeling of being an outcast. As UDAY expresses his pent-up emotions, concerned Badshah steps in saying, “We all care for you” and has a hearty conversation. Ikka is moved by the moment, hugs him, shares his journey of depression and encourages UDAY to overcome the grey phase through music!

While some hustlers will give their A game, Bassick and Vish struggle to connect with the audience. The burning question now remains: Who will secure the most number of crown pins for the coveted ‘Ticket to Finale’ and who will grapple in the Ground Shunya? Brace yourselves for a week of intense competition and unexpected turns in the world of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT.