7th December 2023: Get set to welcome the new year with laughter galore as the popular comedian Kanan Gill embarks on the first leg of his much-awaited India Tour, kicking off this January! Brought to you by the prime destination for top-notch entertainment experiences, Paytm Insider, this tour promises a rollicking good time with 19 shows across 16 cities. Join in for an unforgettable evening of side-splitting laughter and insightful humor as Kanan unveils his newest stand-up special, ‘OK, Bye!’ accompanied by a delightful book reading from his novel ‘Acts of God.’

Picture this – one evening, two incredible events, one-of-a-kind book discussion & reading experience plus a whole lot of jokes, and maybe, just maybe some existential whinging. Grab your tickets exclusively available at Paytm Insider for some laughter therapy with the man who is loved by Indians all around the world.

The first hour of the set is Kanan’s fourth (quite possibly his last) stand-up comedy show ‘OK, Bye’, which will highlight Gill’s extraordinary ability to deliver razor-sharp wit with flawless timing – promising a rollercoaster of hilarious anecdotes that will leave you in splits. Following a breezy 20-minute interval, dive into ‘The Book Experience’ featuring readings, discussions from Kanan’s debut novel “Acts of God”, a casual Q&A, and, of course, some jokes—because why not keep the fun going? And here’s an added bonus: every attendee of ‘The Book Experience’ walks away with a personally signed copy of Kanan’s novel. You can just opt for the stand-up comedy set or go all-in for the complete Kanan Gill experience—the choice is yours! Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in an unforgettable night of laughter and literary charm!

Kanan Gill

Varun Khare, Business Head, Paytm Insider said, “Kanan Gill’s India Tour promises a stellar fusion of laughter and literary charm that will make you remember why you fell in love with his comic timing in the first place. Paytm Insider always prides itself in the associations we build and are thrilled to present Kanan Gill the comedian and the author. This tour, featuring a new standup set along with anecdotes from his book is a testament to the diverse and immersive entertainment we strive to offer.”

Talking about the tour Kanan Gill said, “Thrilled to be touring in a way I haven’t before! Essentially this time I’m doing two different shows in a night. The first hour is my fourth (and maybe last) stand-up comedy special, with silly jokes and stories different from the existential whingeing I normally do. The second hour will be discussing my new Novel, Acts of God. So, in a sense, it’s like a mini-fest with two different performances. People normally do a stand-up tour or a book tour, so I’ve decided to combine both in one! Audiences can book tickets for just the stand-up show, or for both hours (and get a free book too), so whatever you like, no pressure. See you there!”

A YouTuber, actor and stand-up comedian, Kanan is known for his distinctive comedic style and infectious humour, having carved a niche for himself in the comedy and stand-up scene, and becoming a household name. From hosting the hilarious Pretentious Movie Reviews on YouTube to his successful stand-up specials like “Keep It Real” on Amazon Prime Video and “Yours Sincerely” on Netflix, Gill continues to be one of India’s most beloved comedians, with over a thousand shows worldwide and earning a reputation for delivering laughter-packed experiences like no other. So why wait? Snag your tickets and head out with some friends for an evening full of laughs with the one and only Kanan Gill!

India Tour 2024 schedule:

Jan 12 – Kozhikode

Jan 13 – Kochi

Jan 14 – Trivandrum

Jan 19 – Bangalore

Jan 28 – Chennai

Feb 9 – Ahmedabad

Feb 10 – Vadodara

Feb 11 – Surat

Feb 16 – Gurugram

Feb 17 – Delhi NCR

Feb 18 – Delhi

Feb 23 – Bhubaneswar

Feb 24 – Kolkata

Feb 25 – Guwahati

Mar 1 & 2 – Mumbai

Mar 8 – Navi Mumbai

Mar 9 – Vizag

Mar 10 – Hyderabad