Bengaluru,17th January 2024: GrowthSchool, a one-of-its-kind Generative AI-led upskilling platform, has continued its exceptional streak of 400% Year-on-Year growth since its inception, with a peak monthly revenue of INR 5 crores. GrowthSchool’s unmatched innovation and emphasis on simplifying access to real-world skills has enabled it to achieve consistent growth. The two-year-old platform has already empowered more than 1 million learners and aims to take this number to 2.5 million in 2024.

GrowthSchool’s current team strength stands at 150 which has grown by 3X Year-on-Year. Looking ahead, the company aims to achieve a $1 million monthly run rate by FY 2024. In 2023, GrowthSchool not only outperformed the competitors in terms of revenue growth but also grew internationally. The company already generates 10% of its revenues from learners outside India and is aiming to make a formal foray into global markets, targeting North America (NA), Southeast Asia (SEA), and the Middle East (ME) in 2024.

GrowthSchool has also garnered significant interest from its existing investors for the upcoming Series A round. The company has a track record of pioneering new categories in the Indian market including Performance Marketing, No-Code, Web3, Management Consulting, and Generative AI — sectors that previously did not exist in the Indian market.

In a bid to enhance its global reach and maximize empowerment for job seekers worldwide, GrowthSchool has introduced ‘Outskill,’ a pioneering platform accessible to every individual. This platform allows users to acquire highly valuable professional skills, contributing to sustainable employment. This ‘Career Superapp’ offers workshops conducted by elite mentors from top brands, audiobooks summarizing bestselling non-fiction books, and comprehensive reading materials and resources that cover a wide range of relevant topics to enhance the knowledge of the learners.

Vaibhav Sisinty

Speaking about this, Vaibhav Sisinty, Founder & CEO, GrowthSchool said, “I have been a job seeker, a top-performing corporate executive, and an entrepreneur. All these experiences have given me a great understanding of how skills should be imparted and by whom. Unlike other platforms, GrowthSchool has a stringent vetting process and rigorous evaluation is done before mentors are onboarded to run workshops. During the journey of GrowthSchool, alongside empowering over 1 million+ learners, I also realised that there is a much larger talent pool out there that is not able to upskill due to monetary limitations, and that’s where we are going to make continuous learning and development even more affordable than Netflix.”

One of the biggest USPs that sets GrowthSchool apart is the ability to identify gaps in the upskilling domain in India, and craft impactful learning opportunities on real-world and cutting-edge digital tools. It is the first Indian company in its domain to integrate Generative AI in all the learning streams that it covers. The overwhelming reception from the learners and industry stakeholders has emboldened GrowthSchool’s vision to double down on its efforts to make upskilling and development affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.