12th January 2023, Delhi– FlexifyMe, a trailblazing Chronic Pain Management Platform, successfully closed its Seed funding round, securing INR 10 Crore from leading investors IvyCap Ventures and Flipkart Ventures. The round witnessed active participation from other esteemed investors, including GSF, Chandigarh Angels, Venture Catalyst, and Ah Ventures.The company plans to strategically direct these funds to revolutionize chronic pain management, incorporating cutting-edge technology and progressive exercises, with the primary goal of delivering lasting relief and elevating workplace wellness to new heights.

Global chronic pain affecting over 2 billion people is exacerbated by sedentary lifestyles and postural misalignments. FlexifyMe, India’s leading chronic pain management solution, plans to deploy the funds to fortify its technology and introduce progressive exercises. The company’s overarching objective is to assist corporates in comprehending ergonomic challenges, eradicating postural misalignments, enhancing employee productivity, and ensuring continuous health monitoring—contributing to stress alleviation and overall improvement in lifestyle disorders.

FlexifyMe, as the pioneering Indian company offering a holistic chronic pain management solution, stands out. Its patented AI-based software analyzes joint movements, connecting users with expert Orthos, Physiotherapists, and Yoga therapists, providing a permanent solution to chronic pain. With a user base exceeding 50,000 from 26 countries, FlexifyMe has emerged as a global leader in digital therapeutics.

Established in October 2021 by seasoned entrepreneurs Manjeet Singh and Amit Bhayani, FlexifyMe is on a mission to redefine conventional physiotherapy through its groundbreaking AI motion-tracking technology.

Vikram Gupta

Speaking about the investment, Vikram Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner, states, “FlexifyMe’s innovative approach convinced us of its potential to revolutionize healthcare. We believe in the power of FlexifyMe’s unique platform, backed by its dedicated team, to transform the lives of millions suffering from chronic pain. The ambitious goals set by the founders align seamlessly with our vision for impactful investments.”

Speaking about the company’s journey and future endeavors, Co-Founders Manjeet Singh and Amit Bhayani express, “Utilizing AI, machine learning, and data analytics, we provide personalized Chronic Pain Management. The gratitude we feel for the investment round and the trust bestowed by our investors in our vision is immense. Our commitment is to harness advanced technology in healthcare to aid one million individuals in finding relief from chronic pain by 2027.”

Chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders remain a significant global healthcare challenge. FlexifyMe is determined to revolutionize healthcare with its technology-driven solutions. In the short term, the company is focused on achieving clinical validation and FDA approval, crucial steps to enhance its credibility. In the long term, strategic partnerships with insurance companies, hospitals, and multinational corporations underscore FlexifyMe’s commitment to global accessibility.