India,24th May 2023Entropik, a leading human insights company has announced the launch of Decode, a groundbreaking integrated consumer research platform that leverages EmotionAI and ChatGPT to transform qualitative research. Decode revolutionizes the way research is conducted by delivering comprehensive summaries, AI-generated highlights and topics, and capturing action items.

Decode’s AI-generated action items feature uses the robust GPT – 3 to identify essential action items from transcript texts seamlessly. This eliminates the need for manual scanning and note-taking, enabling users to swiftly pinpoint and address crucial tasks. It highlights feature takes advantage of the GPT-3 to identify and extract sentences containing keywords, creating concise and impactful summaries of the most significant parts of the discussion.

Mr. Lava Kumar, Founder & CPO, Entropik, stated, “Decode represents a major breakthrough in qualitative research and is the first vertically integrated research cloud offering that unifies all research offerings for brands in one single platform. We’re excited to integrate ChatGPT into our product and provide our customers with a smarter and more efficient way to conduct research. With this tool, they can quickly get to the heart of their discussions without having to sift through hours of recordings.”

Decode is the perfect solution for businesses, market researchers, and product developers seeking a more effective approach to qualitative research. By saving time and increasing efficiency, decode enables users to focus on the most critical aspects of their research.