Agri Space

New Delhi, 12th Dec 2023: SohanLal Commodity Management, one of India’s largest agri-logistics players and warehouse service providers for agricultural commodities, has declared that its agri-focused NBFC Kissandhan has disbursed Rs 103.74 crore under its scheme to empower women entrepreneurs since its launch in mid-October 2021. The SLCM Group announced that the initiative has played an instrumental role in the lives of 25,215 women entrepreneurs in the agricultural and allied spaces, by providing them with financial stability and the means to enhance their farming ventures. With an average micro-level loan size of less than Rs 50,000, which manifests the granularity and reach of the initiative, Kissandhan framework entails an inclusive eligibility criterion that meticulously assesses both financial as well as non-financial parameters.

Speaking about the Kissandhan scheme that stands as a remarkable support for women in agriculture and allied sectors, Sandeep Sabharwal, Group Chief Executive Officer, SLCM Group, said, “While women farmers contribute immensely to India’s agrarian economy, their paths are often riddled with challenges such as little or no access to resources, lack of financial support and inclusion, limited market access and societal norms. Kissandhan initiative is a game changer that breaks barriers and creates opportunities for thousands of women farmers, ushering in transformative changes in their lives.”

Elaborating on the modus operandi of the scheme, he added that Business Correspondents (BCs), acting as representatives appointed by Banks/Financial Institutions serve as agents, providing Banking and Financial services in remote areas where access to traditional Banking is limited. Through this model, Kissandhan aspires to transform the livelihoods of farming communities. Notably, Kissandhan has till date disbursed nearly Rs 2813.8 crore cumulatively in the Agri space through various innovative solutions all catering to the Agri value chain.

Echoing the sentiments, Naresh Kumar, Chief Business Officer (CBO), Kissandhan, said, “Women are an integral part of the economic development of the country. By providing financial resources to these women beneficiaries, Kissandhan not only enables these women to achieve economic independence, but it also fosters an entrepreneurial and self-reliance culture.”

Kissandhan’s approach extends beyond mere financial assistance, as it embodies empowerment through partnerships and collaborations with other NBFCs in the agricultural domain as well. A collaborative effort not only amplifies the reach of financial services but also facilitates knowledge exchange and enhances the overall support structure available to women farmers. With a comprehensive evaluation norm that enables tailored financial solutions, Kissandhan caters specifically to the needs of women entrepreneurs in agriculture. Amidst these numbers and figures lies the profound impact of the Kissandhan initiative – empowering women farmers, bridging financial gaps, and encouraging economic independence.