27 April 2023  Employees are the backbone of an organization. With the passage of time and the growth of technology, various platforms have emerged to assist organizations in celebrating and appreciating their employees’ efforts. The ultimate goal is to create a culture of continuous appreciation in which employees feel valued and excited to come to work every day.

Employee recognition can enhance company culture and here we have curated a list of top apps that helps in creating a unique rewarding culture for employees and makes them feel more connected to their team members.

Here are some of the employee engagement platforms to watch out for in 2023 and beyond:

Advantage Club: Advantage Club is a global employee engagement platform with benefits like perks and rewards on a single platform. It aims to provide end- to-end solutions to facilitate employee engagement through exclusive privileges and rewards by the brand partners, allowing them to reach out to targeted customer segments too. The platform provides a scalable, customizable, cost-effective program to take employee engagement to the next level and brings a wide variety of recognition programs including milestones, real-time spot bonus, automated incentives, peer-to-peer appreciation, quarterly and annual performance awards and perk programs. The platform aims to help organizations keep their employees engaged and driven. The platform is set to revolutionize the industry by making a direct impact on employee recruitment and retention through an exhaustive employee benefits management tool. Advantage Club has over 3 million users, a presence in over 100+ countries, 1000+ clients and 10,000+ brand partners. It has an impressive client portfolio featuring Concentrix, Teleperformance, Hexaware, EY, Target, Accenture, BCG, Lafarge, Resort World Sentosa and many more.

Refyne: Refyne partners with organizations to help build their staff’s financial resilience and nurture a productive and happy workforce. Established in December 2020 Refyne has developed a mobile-first Earned Wage Access (EWA) platform that enables companies to allow their employees to acquire their real-time income any time before their monthly salary is due. Refyne partners with enterprises with more than 1,000 employees to deploy its plug and play solution, which integrates with any existing payroll or HRMS. It fronts the risk with the earned salary withdrawal by employees, without impacting the status of the employers’ working capital. Refyne’s one-stop platform enables your employee base to build financial resilience and nurture a favorable work culture. With plug and play technology, employees can see and withdraw their earned salary instead of opting for exploitative payday loans or other high-interest credit schemes.

Early Salary: Early Salary boasts of the largest consumer lending application for salaried individuals. The app while working with an instant decision-making system allows borrowing in minutes. It helps salaried people with an easy line of credit, instant cash loans, and salary advances. It provides different loan categories like shopping, travel, medical emergencies, or education. Early Salary is bringing financial independence to the customers, liberating them from financial restrictions, allowing them to manage credit with ease, whenever they need it, wherever they need it.

Inspirus: Inspirus believe organizations that focus on culture and well-being deliver on the promise of employee fulfillment and organizational success. Employees make up the foundation of culture, which is shaped and evolved through everyday workplace experiences. Inspirus delivers high-value integrated solutions to help our clients elevate the employee experience throughout the entire employee journey. Through bringing joy to work, the platform strives to reinforce Sodexo’s broader mission to improve the quality of life. The services of Inspirus includes integrated rewards offering, learning courses, communication tools, and analytics into a single platform spanning the following areas: Everyday recognition, Health and well-being, Social interaction, Staying safe, Milestones, Knowledge and development.

Emplus: Emplus by Xoxoday helps leaders make data-driven decisions on employee engagement activities, identify areas of improvement and build the right kind of cultural engagement with the organization. The platform offers various features like Employee Surveys, Engagement Surveys, Employee lifecycle and many more which helps the organization to seek constructive feedback from their employees.