Dr Birbal Jha

29th January 2024   New Delhi Dr. Birbal Jha, an Indian cultural activist and founder of the ‘Save the Paag Campaign’, was felicitated with the ‘Mithilakriti Paag Samman’ in New Delhi.

This honor was conferred on Dr Jha by the cultural outfit Mithilakriti Hub, committed to advancing the cause of Mithila Painting, aka Madhubani Painting.

The celeb Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and Managing Director of British Lingua, an institution of international repute for employability skills and personal growth.

The credit goes to Dr Birbal Jha for his efforts to establish international recognition of Paag, the cultural symbol of Mithila, the place where Goddess Sita was born.

“We feel privileged to confer the Mithilakriti Paag Honour on Dr Birbal Jha, who championed the cause of the cultural movement to revive and safeguard the paag, which entered English dictionaries. Paag postage was issued by the central government in 2017, thanks to the initiative taken by Dr Birbal Jha, a pride of Mithila and Bihar.”, said Preeti Thakur, the founder of Mithilakriti Hub.

“Dr Jha’s ‘Save the Paag Campaign’ proved to be a milestone in the cultural history of India. It is one of the major achievements of his life. The Maithil community remains indebted to him.”, added Ms Preeti Thakur, who specializes in Mithila art and craft.

“Dr Birbal Jha’s contribution to the dissemination of Mithila Paag is incredible and invaluable. Even the internet, which was once barren of material on paag, now contains a wealth of data.”, said Thakur vehemently.
Among others were Ms. Tara Thakur, Deltron MD Ajit Thakur, Shalini Thakur, advocate Ayush Vats, and Aman on the occasion.