Delhi,29th June 2023– DLF Promenade and DLF Avenue, leading shopping and entertainment destinations in New Delhi are proud to announce their integration with the global privacy campaign for women, in collaboration with WhatsApp. For the first time in India, DLF Delhi Malls will introduce and innovative feature called “Mirrored Messages,” aimed at empowering women and encouraging open conversations on important issues.

The concept revolves around the installation of special mirrors in the restrooms at select locations within DLF Malls. These mirrors combine cutting-edge technology with privacy-focused messaging to create a secure space for women to connect and support each other.

DLF Malls Partners with Global Privacy Campaign

Here’s how it works: WhatsApp will incorporate new 4K LED technology in an unprecedented manner by installing high-spec screens behind mirrored Perspex, seamlessly blending with the existing bathroom setup. The screens will display animated graphics triggered by motion, such as using soap dispensers in front of the mirror, revealing hidden messages that will only be visible when someone approaches. When they step away, the message will vanish without a trace, mimicking the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp.

The Mirrored Messages feature not only ensures the highest quality and accuracy but also allows for customized messages that can be tailored to different-sized and shaped mirrors in our locations. It offers a scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with the bathroom environment while prioritizing privacy.

DLF Malls Partners with Global Privacy Campaign

“WhatsApp is committed to providing a safe and private space for users to have their most personal conversations,” stated Sandhya Devanathan, Vice-President at Meta India, the parent company of WhatsApp. “Through this collaboration with DLF Malls, we are spreading awareness about the importance of checking in on a friend or a loved one. By encouraging women to support each other and speak up, we hope to make a positive impact in their lives.”

DLF Promenade & DLF Avenue invite visitors to experience this unique and empowering initiative firsthand. The mirrored messages aim to foster a sense of solidarity and serve as a reminder for women to reach out to others for support, especially during challenging times.