DLF Mall of India

6th June 2024  Noida: To celebrate World Environment Day, DLF Mall of India carried out a grand tree plantation drive to promote environmental awareness. more than 1000 plants of different varieties were planted around the mall, including species like Peepal, Amla, Jamun, Ashok, Neem, and Moharsari. This initiative was a collaborative effort, with active participation from the dedicated mall team and students from Shankara Special School.

The mall management always emphasized the importance of planting trees, they also took a pledge to protect the environment. The students were also made aware of the importance of protecting the environment and adopting a healthy lifestyle. In our continuous efforts to include societies, the team ensured active community participation in environmental conservation and served as an educational experience for the young participants.

Speaking on the occasion, Shibli Khan, Centre Head, DLF Mall of India, said, “If you want to make the earth green, you must plant a tree. Plants are very important to make our lives healthy and happy. Our commitment towards the environment and sustainability will continue with our endeavor to plant more than 500 trees and shrubs every month.”