Pune, 13th December 2023 – SeniorBees, the vibrant community dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of life that seniors weave each day, is delighted to announce a unique and inspiring event – a painting workshop featuring the talented Mrs. Anjali Joshi. This event is scheduled to take place on the 16th of December 2023 at F-Residences, Balewadi, Pune.

SeniorBees believe in creating an environment where the elders not only shine with the brilliance of their unique abilities but also relish the beauty of shared experiences. From art exhibitions to musical performances, where the seniors are the stars of their own stories, each chapter is filled with creativity, laughter, and the joy of connection.

Mrs. Anjali Joshi, a remarkable 62-year-old artist, is set to lead a painting workshop that transcends the boundaries of age. Her workshop provides a platform for artistic expression and connection among fellow seniors who share her passion for art. Through this event, Mrs. Joshi aims to inspire others to embrace their creativity and discover the joy of self-expression at any age. By taking this leap into the world of art, she is proving that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s passions and finding fulfillment.

“When someone registers for the workshop, they’re not just enrolling in a painting class; they’re becoming a part of a community that comes together for happiness among seniors. Because when one senior takes a step towards their passion, it sets off a chain reaction of motivation. Because, the support for Anjali Aunty can be the catalyst that inspires other parents to embrace their dreams and aspirations” says Nidhi Nag founder of SeniorBees

This painting workshop is just one of the many initiatives that SeniorBees plans to organize in the future, aiming to empower and inspire seniors. The organization remains committed to creating opportunities for seniors to explore their talents, discover new passions, and build connections within a supportive community.