Foot Magical Oasis

Pune, 28th May 2024: India’s largest Flamingo City at Phoenix Mall of the Millennium represents a convergence of artistry, innovation, and environmental consciousness. India’s largest flamingo installation, standing at 28 feet tall, is more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a transformative experience that transports visitors into a realm of pink-hued wonder. Inspired by the concept of new beginnings, Flamingo City serves as a vibrant symbol of hope, growth, and the beauty of change.

Designed and conceptualized by Elementa Designs, Flamingo City is a testament to the power of imagination and creativity. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of the summer season’s essence, this exclusive diorama captures the essence of springtime renewal and the vibrancy of urban life. The result is a breathtaking display that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, inviting visitors to explore the depths of their own imagination.

Quote from spokesperson

“We’re thrilled to present this novel flamingo city experience to our patrons, crafted to transport visitors into a realm of beauty and tranquility. Beyond mere aesthetics, this installation symbolizes our deep-rooted commitment to environmental consciousness. Flamingos, with their striking hues and graceful demeanor, serve as more than just ornamental figures. They are ambassadors of our fragile ecosystems, reminding us of the delicate balance that sustains life on our planet. Through this decor, we aim to spark conversations and raise awareness about the importance of preserving these habitats. Let us come together to marvel at nature’s wonders and reaffirm our collective responsibility towards nature.” – Vikram Pai (Centre Director – Phoenix Mall of the Millennium)

Witness a multi-sensory experience in the luxurious experiential mall with beautifully articulated décor as you walk through the interiors. Soaring vaulted ceilings and an artful play of soft lighting coalesce harmoniously establishes a backdrop that exemplifies the essence of luxury.