Director Abhishek Sinha

“There’s no more powerful team than two friends and colleagues who have mutual trust and respect for each other.” Director Abhishek Sinha and Nitesh Tiwari exemplify this, having won the hearts of many with their entertaining and inspiring film, ‘Tumse Naa Ho Paayega.’ Having worked together at an advertising agency their careers took different routes as they embarked to chase their own dreams. While Nitesh Tiwari delved into writing, directing and producing numerous films with his close associates, on the other hand, Abhishek Sinha honed his directorial abilities by directing impressive ad films and music videos such as ‘Tera Zikr’, ‘Hawa Banke,’ and ‘Main Kisi Aur Ka’ among others. However, fate had its own design to bring these two bright minds together.

Abhishek and Nitesh joined forces for the first time for Disney+Hotstar’s comedy-drama film ‘Tumse Naa Ho Paayega.’ Nitesh Tiwari, who co-wrote and co-produced the film, had Abhishek Sinha take on the directorial role. The movie revolves around friends involved in a business venture, mirroring their collaborative efforts. Nitesh believed in Abhishek’s vision, skill, and meticulous dedication to the craft, and entrusted his cherished project to him. The film not only received acclaim from critics but also made a lasting impression on the audience.

Director Abhishek Sinha shares insights into their collaborative journey in bringing ‘Tumse Na Ho Paayega’ to life, emphasizing the mutual trust and unconditional support they placed in each other which is also quite a prominent nuance displayed by the characters portrayed in the film. “When you have a very strong relationship with someone, there is no filter, there is a comfort you share, and then you professionally collaborate with those people. Nitesh and Ashwiny have not just been mentors, but are also family to me. When Nitesh asked me to direct ‘Tumse Na Ho Paayega,’ a movie which he and Nikhil Malhotra wrote, I was ecstatic! It certainly meant so much to receive this vote of confidence and honour from him.”

He further added, “When Nitesh offered the film to me, both Ashwiny and Nitesh believed in my work and the best part was that he told me while it was his film, I would have to make it like it is my film. They gave me that creative liberty and freedom. They trusted my vision and let me explore the film in the manner I wanted to.I feel truly privileged to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them and create something special for the viewers. It’s been an amazing journey, working together and bringing our ideas to life. Nitesh shared this funda about giving his ‘babies’ to others, where he says “If your film rocks, take all the credit. If it flops, take all the flak.” That kept me on my toes, making sure I gave it my best in every scene.”

‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ was released on Disney+Hotstar and has completed a successful 2+ month run. It is a fun, light-hearted take on the modern-day challenges faced by today’s youth, urging them to stand up to societal norms and pressures, while following their own paths and dreams. The film skillfully weaves humor into various facets of life, delivering a universally relatable experience. Produced by Roy Kapur Films, RSVP, Star Studios, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Nitesh Tiwari, and directed by Abhishek Sinha, ‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.