Ramayana Kalpavrksam

Hyderabad,1st April 2024: The 3-day music and dance extravaganza, ‘Ramayana Kalpavrksam’, at the CCRT Campus, Hyderabad; on the 2nd day, opened with an extremely informative and interesting talk and presentation by speaker Shefali Vaidya who spoke about Ramayana in the warp and weft of India – in kalamkari paintings embroidery bringing to life the presence of Ramayana in all aspects of Indian life. The second session was Swayambodha and Shatrubodha where Nupur Sharma and Pankaj Saxena discussed who the Hindus are, what are our ideological enemies and how to survive and thrive as a civilization. Well-known young scholar Vinay Varanasi along with Vivek Sadashivam brought to life the idea of Sri Rama Raksha through his involved talk and performance. The grand finale was a brilliant dance production Dhruva on Hanuman by the popular Aayana Dance Company. Ramayana Kalpavrksam has been curated by renowned dancer Ananda Shankar Jayant. The 3 day festival will conclude on Sunday 31st March with a talk by Dushyant Sridhar, a discussion between Aabhas Maldahiyar and Shivakumar and finally a grand musical evening by Indosoul by Karthick Iyer.