Dalmia Bharat Honours

Patna, 20th September 2023:Dalmia Bharat Limited, one of India’s leading cement manufacturers, honored 162experienced contractors across the Eastern Region as as part of their ‘Aap Hai Sachche Viswakarma’ initiative, an annual tradition celebrated during the auspicious Viswakarma Puja festival. Dalmia Bharat’s’Aap Hai Sachche Viswakarma’s initiative aims to appreciate and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of constructors whose skilled hands have helped to shape countless dream homes into reality and their role in mentoring other skilled professionals in the industry.

As part of the celebrations held in Bihar, 54 experienced contractors were felicitated by Dalmia Cement representatives in the presence of their families, dealers, and other members of the contractor community. The esteemed contractors have presented a trophy, mementos and a specially designed photo album showcasing their remarkable journey in building homes. As a special gesture this year, Dalmia Cement also featured their photographs on Retail Arch gates at the dealer points from where they were nominated. This visual sought to pay tribute and communicate to consumers, masons, and contractors the significance of their contributions in shaping the construction landscape.

Among many, one exemplifying story of resilience is that of Shri Raj Bihari, who started from humble beginnings as a laborer and eventually became a successful contractor. Over two decades of hard work, he constructed over 150 houses and notable buildings in Daudnagar and Aurangabad. He has been working with Dalmia Cement for the past five years and continues to thrive in his career.

Commenting on the occasion, a company spokesperson stated,” Dalmia Bharat takes great pride in this initiative as it reinforces the company’s core values of craftsmanship, unity, and respect. Lord Viswakarma holds great significance as the deity of Workmanship and Skill. Acknowledging these exceptional individuals on this day signifies the recognition of their craftsmanship and technical expertise highlighting their enduring impact on the construction industry. We hope to continue with this tradition every year, to nurture a sense of community and respect for every member of the construction fraternity.”

Dalmia Bharat has been commemorating this initiative since 2020, to build salience within the contractor community across the Eastern region. Since its inception, its impact and reach have steadily expanded. The program culminated in a significant celebration this year, where a substantial number of veteran contractors were recognized for their significant contributions.