New Delhi, 20th April 2024 Concept Public Relations India Limited (Concept PR), part of the Concept Group, an independent integrated communication group, has won the PR mandate for the esteemed Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF), a venture studio that supports entrepreneurial ideas of the fashion industry and fosters a collaborative fashion ecosystem, is inviting fashion entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and grab the opportunity to transform their dreams into reality, with an initial investment of Rs 20 crores.

Led by Mr. Sanjay Nigam and Mr. Vagish Pathak (Chairman, Fashion Entrepreneur Fund), the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF) has garnered the support of prominent key business leaders as investors, including Indian film director Karan Johar, Vinod Dugar (Honorary Consul of Malawi and Co-Promoter of RDB Group), Mr. Sandeep Jain (Director of Vega Industries Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Gaurav Dalmia (Chairman of Dalmia Group Holdings), Mr. Sukhraj Nahar (Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Nahar Group), Ms. Manju Yagnik (Vice-Chairperson, Nahar Group), Mr. Prithviraj Kothari (Managing Director of RiddhiSiddhi Bullion Ltd – RSBL), Ms. Sonali Dugar (Dugar Finance & Investments Limited) and Mr. Naveen Jindal (Chairman of Jindal Steel & Power Limited). Together, they bring invaluable expertise to complement Mr. Nigam’s entrepreneurial vision.

The partnership with Fashion Entrepreneur Fund not only amplifies Concept PR’s diverse portfolio but also solidifies its position as a leader in shaping and elevating brands. With a commitment to strategic prowess and immaculate execution, Concept PR is poised to bring its unique blend of creativity and expertise to the forefront of these prominent ventures.

Mr. Ashish Jalan, Managing Director of Concept PR, conveyed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Concept PR is truly honored to be entrusted with the PR mandate for the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund. This partnership not only reflects our steadfast dedication to fostering success in fashion and entrepreneurship but also underscores the exceptional concept behind FEF. As a venture studio, FEF is committed to nurturing innovative ideas within the fashion industry and fostering a collaborative ecosystem. With FEF inviting fashion entrepreneurs to showcase their visionary business ideas, we are eager to leverage our expertise and creativity to enhance the brand presence of this prestigious venture. Together, we look forward to turning dreams into reality.”

Highlighting Concept PR’s strategic prowess, Mr. Jalan emphasized the value addition to the company’s diverse portfolio through the inclusion of the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund. He stated, “Collaborating with industry leaders not only boosts our portfolio but also provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of these ventures. We are confident that our strategic insights and execution capabilities will play a pivotal role in making the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund a resounding success.”

Mr. Sanjay Nigam, Founder of FEF India Fashion Awards and Fashion Entrepreneur Fund, conveyed his confidence in Concept PR. He stated, “Selecting a PR partner is a critical decision, and Concept PR’s stellar industry reputation, coupled with their history of successful campaigns, made them the clear choice. I have full belief in the team’s ability to authentically convey the essence and vision of the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund.”

“Entrusting them with our ‘baby’ is a decision I make with absolute trust in their capabilities,” affirmed Mr. Nigam.

This partnership signifies the alignment of shared values and goals, and Concept PR is geared up to deploy its expertise to enhance the visibility and impact of the Fashion Entrepreneur Fund. The collaboration promises a synergy of creativity, innovation, and strategic communication that will undoubtedly set new benchmarks in the fashion and entrepreneurship industries.