Get ready for an extraordinary television experience as Zee 24 TAAS prepares to enthral its diverse audience with a special edition of the ‘Leaders’ show. Mark your calendars for the broadcast on 30th December 2023, Saturday, at 9 pm and on 31st December, Sunday, at 12:30 pm. This special episode shines a spotlight on individuals from various spheres who epitomize leadership through their profound connection to Indian art and culture.

The extraordinary ‘Leaders’ show promises a deep exploration into the lives of individuals dedicated to championing and safeguarding India’s rich and diverse art and culture. These multifaceted personalities stand as beacons, inspiring the upcoming generation and contributing to the kaleidoscope of diversity that defines India. The show unfolds the expansive panorama of India’s cultural legacy, spanning music, dance, theatre, folk traditions, performing arts, paintings, and literature.

In an exclusive dialogue, the renowned actress Madhuri Dixit Nene provides profound insights into her upcoming movie, ‘Panchak,’ set for release on January 5. Madhuri’s interview on the ‘Leaders’ special program offers a rare glimpse into her perspectives on politics and unwavering commitment to the world of cinema. When asked about the possibility of entering politics, Madhuri Dixit Nene responded, “Categorically, politics is not my realm of interest. The question of entering politics often arises, particularly around election times, but it’s crucial to recognize that it doesn’t align with my persona. I identify as an actress; it’s my craft, my passion. I’ve devoted my career to the art of acting, and that’s where my unwavering commitment lies—continuing to explore, evolve, and contribute to the world of cinema.”

Emphasizing the essence of the show’s programming, Nilesh Khare, Editor-in-Chief of Zee24 TAAS, shared, “This episode of ‘Leaders’ epitomizes our commitment to showcasing the vibrant tapestry of India’s cultural heritage. It goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to preserving and promoting our rich artistic legacy.”

Dr. Shriram Nene, Producer, also offered his insightful perspective, stating, “I chose to come to India because I believe there is a significant demand for healthcare in the country. In the next ten years, India has the potential to become a global economic leader, creating more opportunities here than in other countries. RnM Moving Pictures initially focused on producing Marathi films, but we plan to expand into producing content in Hindi and English as well.”

This captivating episode has been meticulously curated not only to celebrate cultural luminaries but also to offer an intimate narrative of the personal and professional journeys of these esteemed custodians of culture.

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