Chalo launches

Mumbai, Wednesday, 08 February 2024 – The BEST Chalo Airport Express, Mumbai’s premium Airport bus service was officially launched today, keeping in mind the various challenges travelers face during their airport travel. These buses are set to change the way public mobility is seen and, in many ways, the quality of these services is at par with those that are found at airports in some of the prominent metros of the world.

With comfort being at the core of this service, the Airport Express stands to positively reduce traffic congestion. Chalo has been operating public trials of the service so far, and the response has been good. Based on public trials and feedback, the service is now being launched on four routes officially.

Fleet and frequency: The Airport Express currently operates 230 trips daily to and from the airport and is on its way to expanding the fleet in the near future. With 50% buses already electric and the fleet going towards 100% electric buses by March 2024, it is a positive step in the direction of sustainable mobility for the city of Mumbai. The Airport Express service operates every day from Monday to Sunday. The buses are scheduled to run at approximately 30-minute intervals in both directions, starting at 6.30 AM from the airport, with the last bus departing at 11.00 PM.

Booking: These buses offer guaranteed seating. ● Passengers can find the Airport Express counters outside both the airport terminals from where they can book their ticket ● They can also book confirmed seats via the BEST Chalo App ● Booking can also be done via the web portal

Faster travel: The Airport Express will only stop on the way if a passenger has made a reservation, ensuring faster travel with fewer stops.

Mohit Dubey, CEO of Chalo, highlighted the transformative aspects of the service, “The Airport Express service aligns with what Chalo exists for – making bus travel better for everyone. This extends beyond a mere convenience; it is an effort to shape how we should travel in our cities. It has been built on the pillars of efficiency and positive ecological impact so that we not only have a better quality of life today but also for future generations”.

The Airport Express service transforms Mumbai’s airport commute, emphasizing both comfort and sustainability. The express route, tailored for value-conscious travellers, ensures swift connections between the airport and key city spots connecting the airport to all corners of Mumbai, including Colaba in the south, Borivali in the north, Thane in the northeastern suburbs, and Kharghar in Navi Mumbai.