Washington Apples

New Delhi,16th December 2023: The Washington Apple Commission, in association with the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Agricultural Affairs, marked the commencement of the new season and new beginning for Washington Apples in India. The celebratory event took place at The Leela Palace in New Delhi.

The guest of honor for the occasion was Mr. Clay Hamilton, Minister Counselor for Agriculture Affairs at the US Embassy in New Delhi along with Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Mark Stennes, the Chairman of the Washington Apple Board of Directors also made a special trip to India to participate in this exclusive trade event.

Todd Fryhover, President, Washington Apple Commission said, “India has been a very important market for Washington Apples. Supplies to India were greatly disturbed in 2019 due certain tariffs issues. We are glad that the issues have now been resolved. Washington Apple industry will once again be on equal footing with competitors in the Indian market with Indian government lifting the 20% retaliatory tariffs levied on US apple and other agricultural imports. India has been a top 3 markets for Washington apples and is now destined for further growth.”

Speaking on the occasion Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative, Washington Apple Commission added, “We have seen tremendous demand for Washington Apples in India and these apples literally going out of market from 2019 not only impacted trade but also discerning Indian consumers felt the void. We are very happy that the difficult days are behind us and Indian consumers can now again enjoy the high quality and taste of Washington apples as in the past. The season for Washington Apple peaks when the season for Indian Apples end making good quality apples available to Indian consumers all year round,” Saran added.