In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where groundbreaking ideas are transforming the way we live, work, and connect, a special day emerges to honor those who dare to dream and disrupt. Entrepreneurs Day stands as a tribute to the brilliant minds who drive innovation forward, leveraging their ingenuity to bring about solutions that revolutionize industries and enhance human experiences. This day not only celebrates their achievements but also acknowledges the challenges they navigate, the risks they undertake, and the relentless spirit that propels them to create the future. As we observe Entrepreneurs Day, we recognize the indispensable role these trailblazers play in shaping the world through their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realms of technology and business, here’s what the tech entrepreneurs have to say:

Sameer Aggarwal, CEO Revfin, India’s leading EV finance company.

Being an entrepreneur in India today is both challenging and exhilarating. The ever-evolving business landscape, regulatory dynamics, and market complexities demand constant adaptation and innovation. Navigating through these hurdles requires a potent blend of resilience, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of one’s vision.

On this Entrepreneurs Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of individuals like Sameer Aggarwal, who exemplify the true essence of entrepreneurship. With his insightful leadership and unwavering determination, Sameer has not only embraced the challenges but turned them into opportunities for growth. His journey inspires us to fearlessly chase our dreams, transform obstacles into stepping stones, and contribute to India’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship is a transformative journey of turning possibilities into reality. Today’s challenges mold tomorrow’s successes. Happy Entrepreneurs Day!

Sandeep Agrawal Director Teamlease Regtech, India’s leading regulatory solutions company

The 21st-century Indian entrepreneur does not wait for the right moment or opportunity. They shape their future with their own hands and perseverance. However, a business-conducive environment can be the difference between prolonged periods of struggle and plain sailing. The regulatory environment is fraught with microscopic prescriptions that do not allow much leeway to the employer and end up tying their hands down. With the ease of doing business becoming a central theme, there have been several positive developments, but this is a long road. From rationalising business laws to introducing digitisation and removing criminalisation, much needs to be done to empower entrepreneurs to engage in nation-building. –

Krish Ramineni CEO at, A generative AI startup known for its AI notetaker & meeting assistant

The bar for Saas entrepreneurs in India has always been very high. They have to go global from day 1. B2B is growing but not the size of the B2C market so it is harder to get off the ground. More traction and capital efficiency is needed especially supporting SMEs.

Prateek Maheshwari, Co-founder at Physics Wallah, India’s leading edtech platform

Being an entrepreneur in any country has its challenges, and India is no exception. According to me entrepreneurship is a tough yet exciting journey filled with uncertainties. As an entrepreneur, one is often unsure of how the product will be received, how to manage a team, and where to secure funds. However, despite these challenges, India is currently one of the best countries to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

India’s economy is highly supportive of entrepreneurship, with a domestic market that boasts a record-high consumption rate. Moreover, the government is actively taking steps to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing support and incentives for startups. This favorable environment makes India an ideal place to kickstart a new venture or startup.

While the path of an entrepreneur is undoubtedly challenging, the opportunities in India are abundant. The support available, both from the economy and the government, can greatly enhance the chances of success. I would like to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to consider India as a favorable destination for their entrepreneurial aspirations.