Operating Profit up by 10.30% YoY                                            Net Profit up by 42.81% YoY Global Business Up by 10.12% YoY


                           Key Highlights                              (September 2023 V/s September 2022)
  Global Business stood at ₹21,56,181 Cr, grew by 10.12% (yoy) Gross Advances stood at ₹9,23,966 Cr, grew by 12.11% (yoy) Net Profit for September 2023 stood at ₹3,606 Cr against Net Profit of ₹2,525 Cr for September 2022 Operating Profit stood at ₹7,616 Cr, grew by 10.30% (yoy) Net Interest Income stood at ₹8,903 Cr, grew by 19.76%. Net Interest Margin stood at 3.02% improved by 19 bps. Cost to Income Ratio down by 53 bps and stood at 43.68%. RAM Credit grew by 13.63% to ₹5,16,949 Cr, it constitutes 56% of Total Advances. Retail Credit grew by 10.56% with Housing loan growth at 12.32%. Education Loan grew by 14.68% y-o-y & Vehicle Loan by 9.29% y-o-y Gross NPA Ratio stood at 4.76%, down by 161 bps. Net NPA Ratio stood at 1.41%, down by 78 bps. Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) at 88.73% improved by 337 bps. CRAR stood at 16.20% as at September 2023, Out of which CET is 11.58%. Return on Assets improved to 1.01% for Q2FY24 against 0.71% for Q2FY23. Return on Equity improved to 22.51% for Q2FY24 against 17.37% for Q2FY23.        

Key Summary of Business Performance (as on 30.09.2023)


     Global Business increased by 10.12% (y.o.y) to ₹21,56,181 Cr as at September 2023 with Global Deposits at ₹12,32,215 Cr 8.66% (y.o.y) and Global Advance (gross) at ₹9,23,966 Cr 12.11% (y.o.y).

     Domestic Deposit of the Bank stood at ₹11,43,394 Cr as at September 2023 with growth of 8.22% (y.o.y).

     Domestic Advances(gross) of the Bank stood at ₹8,78,256 Cr as at September 2023 grew by 12.59% (y.o.y).

     Retail lending Portfolio increased to ₹1,48,209 Cr, 10.56% (y.o.y) as at September 2023.

     Housing Loan Portfolio increased by 12.32% (y.o.y) to ₹88,564 Cr.

     Advances to Agriculture grew by 20.54% (y.o.y) to ₹2,36,953 Cr as at September 2023.

Asset Quality

     Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPA) ratio stood at 4.76% as at September 2023 as against 5.15% as at June 2023, 6.37% as at September 2022.

     Net Non-Performing Assets (NNPA) ratio stood at 1.41% as at September 2023 as against 1.57% as at June 2023, 2.19% as at September 2022.

     Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR) improved to 88.73% as at September 2023 from 85.36% as at September 2022.

Capital Adequacy

     CRAR stood at 16.20% as at September 2023. Out of which CET1 is 11.58%, Tier-I is 13.60% and Tier-II is 2.60%.

Priority Sector & Financial Inclusion

     The Bank has achieved Targets in Priority Sector at 45.51% and Agricultural Credit at 21.39% of ANBC as at September 2023, as against the norm of 40% and 18% respectively.

     Credit to small and marginal farmers stood at 15.13% of ANBC, against the norm of 10%.

     Credit to Weaker Sections stood at 21.51% of ANBC, against the norm of 12%.


     As on 30.09.2023, the Bank has 9518 Number of Domestic Branches, out of which 3059 are Rural,2717 Semi Urban,1895 Urban & 1847 Metro along with 10553 ATMs. Bank is also having 4 International Branches in London, New York, Dubai and Gift City (Gandhinagar).