MOU Signing

Mumbai, May 25, 2023: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a leading player in the oil and gas industry, has announced its strategic partnership with Speed Force (A Ready Assist Company), India’s largest chain of multi-brand two-wheeler franchise, to establish a chain of co-branded two-wheeler garages across the country.

Under the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), MAK Lubricants from BPCL and Speed Force will jointly develop co-branded MAK Serve garages across the country for a period of five years. This collaboration aims to provide a cost-effective business model for entrepreneurs to establish new garages while ensuring standardized service quality.

The MoU signing ceremony took place in the august presence of Shri P. Sudhahar , Executive Director (Lubes) at BPCL, who highlighted BPCL’s pioneering initiatives in the industry. Shri Abhay Shah, Chief General Manager Marketing (Lubes) at BPCL, and Shri Kapil Bhindi, Director (Business) from Speed Force, signed the MoU. The event was graced by Shri Akash Tiwari, Chief General Manager Marketing (Lubes), and other senior members from the Lubes HQ team.

Shri P. Sudhahar , Executive Director (Lubes), BPCL, stated that ” On behalf of team MAK, we are happy to have partnered with Speed Force. BPCL and SpeedForce are committed to providing exceptional service quality and convenience to customers, revolutionizing the two-wheeler servicing experience in India. With the combined expertise and reach of both entities, the partnership aims to set new benchmarks in the industry.”

As part of the strategic business model, the co-branded garages will directly engage with customers, fostering brand loyalty and positioning the MAK brand at the forefront. These garages will exclusively offer the MAK range of products for two-wheeler servicing, ensuring the use of high-quality lubricants.

The partnership will commence with the establishment of MAK Serve garages in select cities across the country. The BPCL-Speed Force partnership is set to transform the two-wheeler service industry, offering unparalleled convenience, reliability, and brand assurance. This tie-up represents a significant milestone in MAK Lubricants’ commitment to serving customers with top-notch service quality and exceptional products.