Bohoba Elevates Family Dining

Mumbai, Bohoba, the esteemed fun-dining establishment renowned for its culinary excellence, is thrilled to announce a remarkable addition to its menu—a captivating Kids Menu that promises to redefine family dining experiences. As a testament to Bohoba’s commitment to offering exceptional dining to all its patrons, the introduction of the Kids Menu is a culinary journey designed especially for young gastronomes. This thoughtfully curated menu introduces children aged 8 years and under to an array of delightful flavors and wholesome dishes.

Bohoba’s Kids Menu has been meticulously crafted to cater to dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for our youngest guests. In addition to these delectable offerings, our restaurant provides a warm and welcoming ambiance, creating the perfect setting for family gatherings.Corn & Cheese Balls These delightful bites are a harmonious blend of sweet corn and velvety cheese, enveloped in a crispy, golden coating. Chicken Popcorn comprises tender, bite-sized pieces of chicken, expertly seasoned and fried to perfection, it’s a delightful and crispy treat that satisfies young taste buds.Spinach & Corn Fritters wholesome and nutritious choice, these fritters combine the earthy notes of spinach with the sweetness of corn. Fries Bohoba’s classic fries are a timeless favorite among kids. These golden sticks of joy are made from perfectly cut and deep-fried potatoes.

Butter Rolls indulge in Bohoba’s exquisite rolls, featuring options like the Mexican Butter Roll and the Chicken Sausage Butter Roll; these rolls are a true delight. The Mexican Butter Roll is a flavorful treat with Mexican-inspired ingredients, while the Chicken Sausage Butter Roll elevates the experience with succulent chicken sausages.

Talking about pizza & pasta perfection margarita Mini Pizza is adorned with classic Margarita flavors, including tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Kids Mac & Cheese Pasta beloved classic, this dish features creamy and cheesy macaroni pasta that kids adore..Alfredo Chicken Mini Pizza that showcases the richness of Alfredo sauce and tender chicken. Pink Sauce Pasta offers a unique experience with a delightful fusion of tomato and cream sauces, it’s a harmonious blend of flavors that kids will savor.

Sizzlers & Stir-Fry Adventures Mexican Mini Sizzler: Choose between Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) or Chicken for a sizzling platter that bursts with flavors. Each option offers a unique and delightful sizzler experience. Asian Chow Mein opt for Paneer or Chicken for a flavorful chow mein adventure. Whether you prefer the vegetarian or non-vegetarian option, it’s a satisfying and savory dish that adds variety to the menu.

Each dish in Bohoba’s Kids Menu is meticulously prepared to cater to the preferences of young diners, ensuring a delightful and memorable dining experience for families. Bohoba invites families to indulge in memorable dining experiences that celebrate the joys of childhood while savoring the finest culinary creations. Also, parents can enjoy their night out whilst making sure their kids are entertained at BoHoBa. Come and create cherished memories at Bohoba, where exquisite flavors meet heartfelt hospitality.