1st July 2024  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  In a strategic move towards fostering sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, Blue Dart, South Asia’s leading courier and integrated express package distribution company, unveiled an expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) fleet, now boasting over 480 e-vehicles (2,3 & 4 wheelers combined). This initiative underlines Blue Dart’s commitment to environmental stewardship on World Environment Day, aligning closely with the company’s ambitious goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

The integration of EVs into Blue Dart’s fleet is poised to yield substantial environmental benefits, with an estimated reduction of 15.05 tonnes of CO2 emissions per month. Blue Dart’s proactive participation as a signatory to the ‘Climate Neutral Now’ (CNN) pledge by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) further underscores its commitment to global climate action. The company’s Sustainability Roadmap emphasizes initiatives such as planting over 111,000 trees annually—a measure projected to offset more than 13,320 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually once these trees reach maturity.

EV Fleet

Of the initiative Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dart, said, “Blue Dart is driving sustainable logistics in India, paving the path towards a greener future. By integrating electric vehicles into our fleet, we are poised to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute meaningfully to environmental conservation. Our transition to a green fleet demonstrates Blue Dart’s commitment to carbon neutrality and sustainable growth.”

Blue Dart remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions in its pursuit of innovation while upholding its environmental responsibilities. The company’s adoption of electric vehicles marks a pivotal milestone in its journey towards long-term sustainability objectives, reinforcing its position as an industry leader committed to shaping a cleaner, greener tomorrow.