Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain T

Kolkata, 15th April 2024: Shri Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Tirtha Sanrakshini Mahasabha convened a significant press conference to unveil a momentous initiative aimed at the preservation and promotion of Jain culture, monuments and festivals on Saturday, 13th April 2024 at Press Club, Kolkata. The event was graced by esteemed members including Mr. Dharmendra Jain, Trustee of Sethi Trust, Mr. Vinod Kumar Kala, President, Gunayatan and Mr. Rajkumar Sethi, Secretary, Shri Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Tirtha Sanrakshini Mahasabha among others.

During the press briefing, it was revealed that the Mahasabha will mark ‘Jain Dharohar Diwas’ nationwide on April 27th, dedicated to the memory of the revered Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethi Jain. Shri Sethi, an esteemed figure in the Jain community, was renowned for his lifelong dedication and leadership in preserving Jain heritage and contributing to social welfare. His tireless efforts included exploration of archaeological sites and inspiring the younger generation to delve into Jainism and its historical evidence. In recognition of his invaluable service, Jain Dharohar Diwas will serve as a tribute to his legacy. This year’s celebration holds special significance as it coincides with the 2550th death anniversary of Lord Mahavir, venerated by the Jain community, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the occasion.

Moreover, Shri Dharmendra Jain, Trustee of Sethi Trust announced the ‘Nirmal Kumar Jain (Sethi) Memorial Award’, honoring individuals who have made exceptional contributions in two categories philosophy and literature, & in art and archaeology.

Speaking on this occasion, Raj Kumar Sethi emphasized “Jainism is a precious legacy that we must preserve and cherish, Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethi devoted his life to protecting Jain culture and reli