25th May,2023: Ashwinder R Singh, CEO – Residential at Bhartiya Urban and a bestselling author, is set to revolutionize the market again with the launch of his groundbreaking second book, “Master Residential Real Estate.”

His latest release has sparked immense excitement among homebuyers, channel partners, developers and real estate professionals. The anticipation surrounding “Master Residential Real Estate” is a testament to Singh’s reputation as a trusted authority and his ability to offer insights into the industry. His first book was “The A to Z of Residential Real Estate.”

“I am excited about ‘Master Residential Real Estate.’ This book is a comprehensive guide that empowers homebuyers and industry professionals with the knowledge and strategies to successfully navigate the real estate market. It is a culmination of my experience and expertise, aimed at helping individuals achieve their dreams in the world of real estate.” – Ashwinder R Singh, Author of “Master Residential Real Estate.”

Singh’s exceptional achievements have garnered recognition from industry giants such as Boman Rustom Irani, Chairman and Managing Director of Rustomjee Group and National President, CREDAI. Mr Irani commended Singh’s unwavering commitment to sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with others. He praised “Master Residential Real Estate” as a comprehensive resource that provides unparalleled information, empowering individuals to realize their aspirations in the real estate world.

Sharing his views, Rajan Bandelkar, President, NAREDCO, and Founder & MD Raunak Group, lauds the book as a thoughtfully researched guide and an invaluable resource for all industry stakeholders. Bandelkar highlighted Singh’s dedication and hard work, evident in the winning strategies presented within the book, aimed at fostering success in the real estate realm.

Hailing the book as a tried and tested tool for guaranteed success in home buying and real estate development, Harshvardhan Patodia, CMD, Unimark Group and Immediate Past President of CREDAI National said, “Singh’s second opus is the culmination of multiple years of relentless research, passion, and unwavering commitment, resulting in a powerful resource that handpicks the most relevant facts and figures.”

Ananta Raghuvanshi, Founder & President of NAREDCO Mahi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, commented, “The readers will benefit immensely from the outpourings of the tremendous knowledge he gained through sheer effort and intellect.”

“Ashwinder is a fine blend of a financial wizard and realty Moghul. Banking and realty are experiences which have shaped his decisions where logic and emotion together weave a success story. I have seen his journey, hard work, and growth,” Raghuvanshi added.

“Master Residential Real Estate” tackles the challenges faced by homebuyers head-on, offering industry secrets, priceless tips, and step-by-step guidance on seizing market opportunities, selecting the perfect location, implementing effective pricing strategies, and demystifying the home loan process. Going beyond expectations, the book also addresses the issue of inadequate knowledge in regulatory frameworks, empowering readers to make informed decisions and turn their dream homes into reality.

Featuring visually stunning presentations, “Master Residential Real Estate” offers more than just surface-level knowledge. It delves deep into real estate policies, regulations, and market trends, simplifying the complex documentation process. The book highlights legal essentials and pitfalls to avoid, making it a comprehensive homebuyer’s guide. It takes a fresh and captivating approach to demystify the complexities of the real estate industry.” The book has been published by ZebraLearn.