Meet Ashutosh Burnwal, a true inspiration. From facing challenges as a student to leading Buddy4Study, India’s top scholarship platform, his journey shows us that with determination, anyone can turn obstacles into opportunities. Let’s dive into his story, a reminder that resilience can pave the way to success and positively impact countless lives.

In 2010, while pursuing an MBA at IMT-Ghaziabad, Ashutosh realized the potential of creating a platform to help students access scholarships – a mission close to his heart after overcoming financial challenges during his education. In 2011, he founded Buddy4Study with a vision to make scholarship information easily accessible to deserving and underprivileged students.

Over in the past decade, Ashutosh has steered Buddy4Study into India’s largest scholarship network. His commitment to trust, transparency, and technology has made Buddy4Study a one-stop solution for scholarship management, breaking down barriers for organizations and individuals to support students.

As an alumnus of MERI, Kolkata, and IMT-Ghaziabad, Ashutosh is not only a visionary leader but also India’s first scholarship book author. His writings in esteemed publications like The Hindu and The Indian Express underline his mission to empower the student community. Our partners include notable names such as Amazon, HDFC Bank, HCL, Colgate, SBI Foundation, Reliance Foundation, Nikon and several others.

With over 52 Lakh registered students, 67,000 beneficiaries, and managing funds exceeding Rs 210 crore, Buddy4Study is a testament to Ashutosh’s dedication. Under his leadership, Buddy4Study aims to empower 1 crore students by 2030, providing scholarships, mentorship, and career guidance. Ashutosh Burnwal, the Scholarship Man of India, is not just a leader but a catalyst for educational empowerment nationwide.