1st July 2024  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  Ascendion, a leader in AI-powered software engineering, proudly announces the launch of its GenAI Studio in Chennai to gather, collaborate, and build the future. This state-of-the-art studio and engineering workspace embodies the growing demand for Generative AI and continues to advance Ascendion’s leadership in the GenAI landscape.

Thousands of “Ascenders” are already delivering business impact with GenAI solutions. (Some examples include: deploying AI models 30% faster for a tech giant; accelerating content creation by 40% for a hardware leader; and tripling go-to-market velocity for a Fortune 50 bank.)

The Chennai studio, part of Ascendion’s six major innovation hubs globally, builds on these successes by fostering creativity, learning, and collaboration. This new space will amplify client impact and drive growth by leveraging the high-quality GenAI talent in the Chennai area.

“Enterprise leaders are excited about the future of AI, but they need to see real-world results. Our new AI studio in Chennai is filled with expert talent, hands-on technology, and inspiration, all designed to excite, provoke, and generate applied GenAI solutions that will drive business forward and positively impact lives all over the world,” said Karthik Krishnamurthy, CEO of Ascendion. “Our new space, located in a global hub of business and technology innovation, will help us deliver what we call ‘Engineering ^AI’ as we create the future of work together with clients.”

A “First-of-its-Kind” Experience Center: This interactive, collaborative space allows clients to explore GenAI solutions hands-on.

Real-Time Problem Solving: Clients can work with Ascension engineers to customize real-time solutions that meet their business needs.

Immediate Value Demonstration: Within minutes, clients can see how AVA+ GenAI prototypes address their challenges, providing rapid insights and ROI.

Ascendion’s GenAI initiatives, including the development of our AVA+ platform, deliver radical transparency, and help clients accelerate impact, velocity, and productivity by >40% while offering double-digit savings from AI Arbitrage. Ascendion’s Digital Ascender platform enhances productivity across the entire software life cycle, and more than 1,500 people have already received GenAI training.

“We are thrilled to now have a physical space in Chennai to connect clients with technology solutions in real-time. Our AI-powered platforms ensure transparency, velocity, quality, and productivity, freeing up capital for innovation and providing clients the flexibility to meet modern business needs. Now, at our new GenAI Studio, they can experience GenAI co-engineering as we solution together in real-time,” adds Prakash Balasubramanian, Executive Vice President, Engineering Solutions at Ascendion.