Pawan Bajaj Residence

Delhi, 31st July 2023 Anusha Technovision, a technology and innovation-driven company, elevates the bar for luxury living with its cutting-edge home automation and technology integration featured in its brand-new artwork, Bajaj Residence. This magnificent property exhibits a seamless mix of sophisticated furnishings and cutting-edge technologies, providing the prestigious Bajaj family with unsurpassed comfort, ease, and control.

The Pawan Bajaj Residence, which is located on the 32nd level of Kalpataru Avana, showcases the incredible realm of leading-edge home automation. An iPad is used to access the Crestron automation system, which provides sophisticated features that add to the luxurious experience. Home automation has been meticulously designed in order to provide exclusivity and a living experience that is unmatched in every way.A custom-designed user interface was provided for ease of use of all technology by ATPL.

The core of the automation system is Lutron’s comprehensive lighting and shade control, complemented by elegant Palladium controls. These intuitive controls effortlessly manage the mood, scenes, curtains, and roller shades throughout the house. Wireless sensors detect occupancy in bathrooms, instantly illuminating the space upon entry. The silent motors in Lutron shades efficiently block the sun’s rays, ensuring comfort. Seamlessly, the entire home can be controlled using iPads and iPhones, with personalized wireless Pico keypads matching client preferences. One of the non-novel aspects of lightning controls is that not only is the intensity of light controlled but also the color temperature of light can be changed from cool white to warm white depending upon the activity and the time of day.

The Forrest curtain motor with a specifically designed C pelmet in the master bedroom is a prominent feature, providing a magnificent Arabian Sea vista while preserving seclusion. Honeywell cameras provide 24/7 security, and the cutting-edge E-key allows effortless access with a finger scan, eliminating codes and cards. Furthermore, Sonance ceiling speakers positioned in every room provide a premium audio experience, with Russound technology allowing customized music in each room. The 7.1 Dolby Atmos home theatre system provides immersive sound, while the Triad LCR speaker ensures a powerful and authentic performance. Additionally, ubiquitous access points in the ceiling provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the home.

The Bajaj Residence stands as a modern-day marvel of a tech-savvy home, where every need is met (answered) with a simple touch of a button.

Anusha Technovision’s managing director commented on their forward-thinking expedition, saying, “We have made great strides in our efforts to revolutionize the automation sector, and our main goal in doing so is to use technology to make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable”. The Bajaj residence is just another illustration of the services we have provided to this point and the quality that still continues to be maintained in the face of the market’s constantly shifting expectations, reinforcing the successes of our sector position.

Anusha Technovision is a renowned automation firm that specializes in user-controlled and convenient automated services. With over a decade of experience, they have gained recognition for their expertise in creating and implementing innovative technologies in India. Anusha Technovision is well-known for their high-quality goods and great customer service, having been the first distributor of Crestron Automation Systems and Lutron Lighting Control Systems in India.