Advait Infratech, a leading Indian power and telecom infrastructure company, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPRERI) to collaboratively work towards research and development of hydrogen production & purification system and deliver the most efficient and economically accepted solutions for Green Hydrogen projects in India.

The MoU was signed by Dr. Gaurav Mishra, Director, SPRERI and Mr. Shalin Sheth, Managing Director and Founder of AIL. It was witnessed by, Mr. Asim Joshi Sr. Scientist SED division, SPRERI, Mr. Gaurav Mishra, Vice President AIL, Dr. Geeta Kumari, Sr. Scientist TCC division, SPRERI and Ms. Rutvi Sheth, Director Communications & PR, AIL.

SPRERI is a research institute engaged in developing new processes in Renewable Energy Technology through R&D efforts and provides technical guidance/assistance to develop different environmental control products. The research institute is working on developing many useful advanced technologies in its solar energy division, Thermo-chemical Technology division and Bio-chemical Conversion Technology division.

The MoU expands opportunities for collaboration, with areas of interest including, carrying out high-end quality Green Hydrogen projects, research and analysis of hydrogen production and purification systems, exploring pertinent research across all areas of hydrogen business to deliver solutions to its production and its use in power generation. Through this close collaboration, AIL and SPRERI share a joint commitment to empowering India’s renewable energy advancement by expanding their green hydrogen solutions capacity.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Shalin Sheth, MD of Advait Infratech Limited said that “By embarking on a collaborative partnership with such an esteemed renewable energy research institute, we are committed to accelerating the production of efficient and affordable green hydrogen solutions. In addition to contributing to the nation’s renewable energy drive and energy independence, we look forward to emerging as the nation’s leading green hydrogen solution provider.”

Rutvi Sheth, Director of Media, Advait Infratech Limited comments that “We are excited for this partnership with SPRERI and the potential it holds for the future of the renewable energy sector in India. AIL stands ready to further support the nation in its pursuit of carbon neutrality through the expansion of the country’s green hydrogen projects. More of the younger generation should join this revolution”.

Building upon this, Dr. Gaurav Mishra, Director for SPRERI adds: “Under this collaboration, we are confident that our strategic collaboration with AIL and our mutual research and solutions can yield groundbreaking new frontiers. SPRERI being an energy research Institute intends to be at the forefront in terms of providing the best R&D and consultancy in the energy value chain to help India meet energy goals. The collaboration with AIL would play a catalytic role in seeking these objectives and creating brighter solutions for a better tomorrow. “