New Delhi, 3rd November 2023: On Thursday, Professor TG Sitharam, the Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), launched the much-awaited ‘AICTE Placement Portal’, tailored for students residing in rural and tribal areas. This initiative is amongst the ongoing efforts of AICTE to include every citizen in the mainstream by ensuring equal job opportunities.

The portal was launched by AICTE Chairman, Prof TG Sitharam. More than 600 AICTE institutions and industry partners joined the launch virtually. AICTE Member Secretary Prof. Rajive Kumar and Coordinating Officer, Dr Buddha Chandrasekhar were also present during the launch.

TG Sitharam

“I’m happy to introduce this placement portal for rural and tribal regions, a powerful tool designed to link job seekers with potential employment opportunities. This initiative was born out of a genuine necessity since the majority of employers typically don’t extend their reach to these remote areas. Our villages and educational institutions are brimming with untapped talent, and this portal will serve as the vital link connecting this talent pool with multinational companies. The portal’s user-friendly design ensures easy access for students, and AICTE’s helpline will be readily available to assist students if they require support,” said Professor TG Sitharam, Chairman of AICTE, at the launch event.

“We initiated the thought by questioning whether we were adequately serving the needs of students in rural and tribal areas. After extensive discussions, we founded this portal. The platform now serves over 600,000 villages and tribal regions, and to overcome language barriers, it has been made accessible in multiple languages,” explained Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar, the Chief Coordinating Officer of AICTE.

Representatives from companies like Salesforce, Service Now, Phytec, Medini and IDS etc virtually expressed their views and happiness with the portal launch.

More than 2000 companies operating in different fields and segments have already been empaneled with the portal. In a nutshell, a placement portal for village and tribal students has the potential to be a valuable resource for both students and employers. By connecting rural students with job opportunities and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the job market, the portal can help to create a more equitable and inclusive economy that benefits all members of society.

Key features of the AICTE Placement Portal:

# Designed user-friendly . # Accessible to students who may not access to high speed internet. # Include features like job listings, career advice and networking tools. # Provide resources for employers who are interested in hiring rural students