The Indian agricultural industry has served as the foundational pillar of our nation’s economy since attaining independence and continues to evolve rapidly in the forthcoming years. With technological advancements in the field, the industry is poised to advance further and contribute towards enhanced input quality, production, and prioritizing sustainability measures to secure a more enduring future.

The agricultural industry of India is booming with AgriTech startups, supporting the farmers and other rural communities by providing them with innovative solutions across the value chain. As the NITI Aayogconfirmsthe betterment of smallholders through Agritech startups, it gears up to promote them through state-wise policy changes.

Keeping the same in view, here are the top fiveAgriTech startups in India, which are not only helping the farmers to have a better yield and earn better but are also working on the overall empowerment of rural communities.

1. Gramik: India’s first peer commerce in AgriTech, Gramik is actively fostering a more socially responsible ecosystem by substantially empowering rural communities of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The startup that came into being in 2021 has helped over 1.5 Lakh farmers. It assists farmers in increasing income by up to 300% and creating livelihood opportunities at the village level. Gramik is changing the rural picture by strengthening it through door-step access to quality farm inputs, technical innovations, expert knowledge, and business skills for farmers, women, and rural youth. The startup is especially committed to empowering women in the rural economy, resulting in 95% of ‘peer partners’ being females.

2. KongerAgritech: Through comprehensive training and guidance spanning the entire mushroom cultivation process, this agritech business specialising in mushrooms empowers farmers in Nagaland to achieve lucrative harvests. Consequently, mushroom cultivation in the region is experiencing notable growth and success. The organisation has trained over 800 farmers and mentored more than 1000 SHGs in the state. By acquainting local farmers with the expert farming methods and techniques of Dr.SosangLongkumer, the organisation is the only one in the country to produce the exotic – shiitake wood dowel spawn.

3. BharatAgri: Operating as a farming technology platform, BharatAgri collaborates directly with farmers and the complete agriculture value chain. They endeavour to bridge India’s technological and agricultural divide by reaching out to 140 million Indian farmers. They help farmers “Grow Efficiently, Grow More” by methodically implementing scientific procedures, giving vital information at the right moment, and regular monitoring. BharatAgri possesses a profound understanding of individual farmer requirements and firmly believes in providing every farmer with an opportunity for a prosperous future enabled by technology. Their approach involves enhancing agricultural productivity by systematically implementing scientific methods, provisioning vital resources, and consistently monitoring, all aimed at augmenting farmer incomes.

4. Bijak: A B2B platform for suppliers and consumers across India’s Agri value chain, Bijak was launched in April 2019. The platform intends to address the asymmetry of knowledge and lack of responsibility in the agricultural commodity trade. Since its inception, Bijak has grown to cover 22 states, 400 areas, and 80+ commodities. They presently have a lean workforce of around 60 people and are rapidly expanding. Bijak assists these consumers/MSMEs in discovering each other and their relative ratings, allowing customers to trade with minimal friction thanks to Bijak’s layer of trust and reliability. Similarly, the program facilitates suppliers and buyers in conducting transactions or discovering one another, thereby enabling them to access relevant meta-data for a faster and more reliable exchange of goods or services.

5. AgriVijay: Founded in 2020 by Vimal Panjwani with his mother and former government officer Shobha Chanchlani, AgriVijay provides farmers and rural people with a wide selection of renewable energy equipment tailor-made to their needs and infrastructure setup. The Pune-based startup is an aggregator, offering a variety of goods such as biogas generators, solar-powered water pumps, solar energy converters, and solar water heaters to meet clients’ individual energy demands. The startup primarily sells via its website, call centre, and social media platforms. Farmers may also purchase the products via the startup’s village-based offline storefronts. The cost of solar and biogas energy equipment ranges between Rs.9000 to Rs.35000.

With the poignancy with which Agritech platforms and their solutions have impacted farmers, the Indian agriculture sector is on the fast track to revolutionize itself and pivot it to being the thriving backbone of our economy.